Bulletstorm - Recap Review

What's good

- Old-school FPS fun without getting old thanks to...
- The kill-with-skill scoring system. It's fun and motivates you to kill enemies in a lot of different ways for points.
- The "leash/whip" is the cherry on top of the scoring system and enhances the fun.
- Missions take place in various cool places.
- Crazy set-piece moments and action nonstop.
- Great graphics. Probably the best looking Unreal-3-engine-game to date.
- Has its moments that are pretty funny.
- Fun (but stupid) story. Think B-movie.
- Good variety of enemies.
- Awesome soundtrack balancing orchestral score and heavy metal tracks very well.

What's bad

- Ridiculous, nonsensical plot.
- Immature humor due to constant cursing.
- Bad dialogue (especially the garbage uttered by the main villain).
- Unsatisfying ending.
- Design lacks a bit of originality (looks a bit too much like Gears of War and Unreal).
- Underwhelming multiplayer.
- Unnecessary "Echoes mode". It's just speedrunning through sections of the campaign.


- A giant "theme park dinosaur robot" that just happens to be armed with rockets and lasers.

The Verdict

"Bulletstorm" is not a game that is going to reinvent or improve the FPS genre. For most people the game might appear as a cheap unoriginal shooter. And for the most part that might be true. The game plays by common rules of the FPS genre but goes a step further to directly encourage people killing enemies in different (and ridiculous) ways. And exactly that's what helps "Bulletstorm" avoid mediocrity: Its main feature, the kill-with-skill mechanic, actually works and is suprisingly fun!
Additionally, rarely has destruction looked so good as in "Bulletstorm". It really wants to impress you as much as possible by including loads of set-pieces in every mission. The overall fun with the gameplay itself easily outweighs the game's shortcomings in the dialogue- and story department.
Overall, despite the story and appearance of the game being incredibly cheesy and trashy (although to some this might appeal), it shows that the developers of Epic Games were very confident of what exactly they wanted to achieve with "Bulletstorm". And they succeeded.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Hidden Gem


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