Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Recap Review

What's good

- Brilliant Soundtrack. One of the best in video game history.
- Fantastic visual design, art style and atmosphere in general (Hengsha in particular)
- Well thought out and involving story
- Very well written dialogue and conversation options (with multiple outcomes)
- Great choices between various augmentation updates and good tutorials
- Multiple ways to complete missions (most of the time. sidemissions often require certain skills)
- Good and fun stealth gameplay
- Great voice acting
- Possibility of completing the game without killing anybody (except bosses -.-)
- Over 25 hours of gameplay
- No knowledge about the previous games required
- Multiple endings

What's bad

- Cities look more impressive than they actually are during gameplay (small maps considering the cities' sizes)
- Kind of weak ending/twist that has been done in several sci-fi stories already
- Illusion of choice: despite nice variety of weapons, completely playing the game as a shooter is almost impossible. It's a stealth game a la "Splinter Cell"
- Not always multiple ways to complete missions (for example some sidemissions require a certain skill to complete it, otherwise you will get stuck at one point during mission)
- Mostly dated graphics (even in cutscenes. not counting the trailer cutscenes.)
- No New Game  Mode
- Disappointing boss battles and wasted potential of interesting villains
- Not being able to travel between cities at any point in the game (therefore, not being able to do sidequests after certain events)
- A.I. has some flaws (for example: enemies with illogically short attention spans, and allies shooting at you because you threw a paperbox at 'em)


- Me whiping out the entire police station SEVERAL TIMES by shooting everybody and yet, outside on the streets, cops act as if nothing happened

The Verdict

Overall, "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" is a very well done Stealth-RPG, that mostly does everything right, but that could have been much better if some linear aspects were taken out and more of its potential would have been used the right way. Some major things that we were incredibly hyped for, didn't turn out to be as grand and awesome as promised in the trailers. Yet still, it's a good RPG experience that shouldn't be missed, especially by stealth lovers.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Try it out


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