Hollywood's love for raping franchises

Nowadays, good inventive and most importantly NEW ideas are rare in the movie industry.

We live in a decade, in which hollywood got very lazy. Today, everywhere i look, i almost only see sequels, prequels, spin-offs, reboots, remakes, etc...

Remember the 70s, 80s and 90s? Yes sure there were also a bunch of sequels etc. but far not as much as today. When i think about my childhood and all the movies i grew up with, there were almost only original new inventive movies like: Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Face-off, Men in Black, Ghostbusters, Alien, etc.

All those movies introduced new ideas to people which got so famous over the years that they are today considered iconic landmarks of film.

New ideas were everywhere, and almost no-one talked about reboots or remakes in the 80s or 90s. Alright, Sequels got more and more popular (like with the "Die Hard" franchise etc.) but remakes, reboots, spin-offs were totally rare at that time. And that was good.

I am not a person who initially says that remakes and reboots are crap. "The Fly" was a great remake and "The Dark Knight" would have never happened without a reboot. But remakes, reboots, sequels etc. should stay a rare exception and not become a general hollywood tool.

Nowadays, hollywood doesn't want to take risks as easily as in the past. Hollywood wants to earn money by raping franchises and sucking every life out of it. Famous examples of that are: The alien -, indiana jones -, terminator -, star wars -, franchise. (And numerous horror flick franchises).

Today, movies with new ideas are a big risk in hollywood. The producers can't see into the future. They can only expect a movie to be a box office hit or a flop. But when they take a popular franchise and make a 1289182th movie of it, they will definately get their profit. But not only does this strategy limit the variety of today's films, but it also is responsible for the destruction of many sagas and franchises. Why are 3 Indiana Jones movies not enough? Why does there have to be a fourth one that destroys that great trilogy? Because Spielberg runs out of ideas or because hollywood just wants another guarantee that it gets its summer blockbuster hit?

The sad thing is that people love franchises so much that they are willing to see every sequel that comes out. I guarantee that if there will be a Indiana Jones 8, it will be a box office hit.

But that's not healthy for the evolution of film making. If you look back at the history and evolution of film, you quickly see that from each decade and its films, future directors got inspired and learned. The history of film making is not only a story with many facettes and faces, but its also just a big evolution. Hitchcock inspired many future directors with his inventive camera angles and movements but also with his style of telling stories. He created new ideas that became landmarks in film. Unfortunately, this is rare nowadays.

In the past, hollywood was a magic place of film dreamscapes. Today, hollywood became a synonym for money-making.

Hollywood has to get back to its roots and has to give new young directors a chance to present their ideas to the masses, not only to entertain us but also to inspire future generations of film makers.

Sequels, remakes, etc. are not a generally bad thing. In my opinion, they are just tools that should be used very carefully and rarely.

In film making, a new idea is always better than constantly trying to improve an old one.

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