Lost Planet 2 - Recap Review

What's good

- Interesting world with a nice variety of landscapes (ice wastelands, deserts, jungles, caves, sea levels, etc.).
- Creatively designed huge bosses.
- Playing as different characters from the different opposing fractions in the campaign.
- Funny cutscenes (if you like over-the top cheesy asian action).
- Ability to play co-op (it's just not that engaging).
- Good score.

What's bad

- Graphics look very dated most of the time. Barely any facial expressions.
- Lame story. You don't care about the characters, the enemies or the planet. In the end nothing seems to have changed all that much.
- Gameplay is way too repetetive and way too easy. Mostly due to the fact that you can just respawn when killed.
- No indication on whether or not you are fighting the enemy/boss the right way (-- no indicator whether you are shooting the right spot or just wasting ammo).
- Boss battles are boring and despite different looking bosses always the same.
- Repetitive leveldesign that just repeats itself through the entire campaign. One of the worst and lazy leveldesigns in recent memory.
- Episodes divided into chapters and chapters divided into missions -- annoying score- and loading screen after each mission (one mission takes mostly about 5-7 min to complete).
- Stupid, useless, broken A.I. of both allies and enemies. Enemies have no strategy whatsoever and more than once just stand around. Your allies sometimes work pretty well and sometimes don't do shit!
- Broken button layouts -- some abilities don't get assigned to a button (through the entire game i didn't even know that my character could run. Why? Because the stupid button layout just didn't assign "running" to any of the buttons -.-).
- Too much focus on Co-op and multiplayer. The game is practically only enjoyable when playing with a friend.
- 95% of the trophies are hidden!
- ZERO replay value (except for multiplayer, if you dig it).


- Humans fighting over a planet on which EVERYTHING and EVERYONE wants to kill you. They mastered space travel but are too stupid to go look for another nicer planet!

The Verdict

"Lost Planet 2" is one of the most boring and poorly designed games i played of this current console generation. It feels like a slapped together mess that seriously makes you ask yourself, whether this game has been play-tested at all! Despite the fact that the game is clearly designed with a primary focus on co-op, it barely gives you anything there, except just shooting a bunch of bad guys with your friend. It doesn't ask for strategy or much intelligence. It's a pity because "Lost Planet 2" DOES have a unique and interesting world similar to James Cameron's "Avatar", which is full of well designed Akrid aliens and huge bosses. But it entirely fails to utilize its potential due to some of the most repetetive and boring level and game design i have seen thus far. The only way to get some short joy-time out of this trash is to play it with a friend.
Basically it's a decent looking game wrapped around a horribly poor game-structure, which ultimately shows when you actually play the game.
Just like it's predecessor, it's an absolutely forgettable underdeveloped experience that should only be played when you got absolutely nothing else to do...(don't judge me!)...and even if so, then go read a book!

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10

Status: Bad!


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