Machete - Review

Yes it's true, the feature movie "Machete" based on the fake grindhouse trailer got actually released. How does it hold up? Well, let's say if you liked the trailer, you will like the movie too.

The plot centers around Machete (Danny Trejo), a mexican ex-federale, who is offered 150,000$ by the evil businessman Booth (Jeff Fahey), to kill the ruthless Senator McLaughlin (Robert De Niro). During the operation, Machete gets betrayed by Booth and his henchmen. Machete survives and now seeks for revenge, but little does he know that Booth and McLaughlin have even bigger and more evil plans...

The plot of Machete is actually pretty thin and pretty dumb, but did you really expect a strong story with substance from a movie that is based on a fake grindhouse trailer?
Much like it's over the top violence, Machete's story only serves the fun factor.

The cast does an ok job. Nothing special. You get exactly the wanted cheesy acting that the trailer promised.
Although i think that some casting choices are really strange.
We all know that director Robert Rodriguez has a great habit to include many hispanic and latin actors in his movies, but why the hell is Jessica Alba in this movie?
Not only is she a bad actress (much like Jessica Biel) but she also has little to no real character in this movie. Again she is only put into this movie because of her looks (and yeeees she looks good but really that's it).
Another bad casting choice, is Robert De Niro as Senator McLaughlin. Don't get me wrong, Robert De Niro does a great job. But's ROBERT DE NIRO!! One of the best actors ever and in this movie he and his talent are simply underused. He has little screentime and his character isn't even that interesting. But anyway.
An interesting and surprisingly well working casting choice, is Lindsay Lohan as Booth's daughter.
Her character is a great self satyre of Lohan herself (in a way).
And of course Danny Trejo does an awesome job as the badass Machete, although Danny doesn't really have much to say in this flick.

Machete also features some great cameos of Tom Savini (great dude) and Steven Seagal (who still is a bad actor).

Machete is silly 80s action-flick violent gore fest.
Just as you can tell by watching the insane trailer, the movie completely focuses on fun and entertainment instead of substance. Rodriguez doesn't try to make more out of Machete than what the trailer promised us. And in my opinion that's totally ok.
The movie has a desperado, grindhouse feel that is just plain fun to watch.
The action and especially the gore are at times so over-the-top that it seems comedic and funny (for example the enemy-guts-window-swing). This flick doesn't take itself to seriously, and that's great!
Machete also has a nice satyrical comedic undertone, mostly because of the ludacris plot and intentions of the villains (especially the senator).

Rodriguez did a great job tieing in the trailer footage into the actual movie. It all really flows very well together.

Oh and the Soundtrack is just awesome!! Just like in every Rodriguez movie.

Machete sure is not a movie for everyone. Many may find this flick way too silly and dumb to be satisfying.
This movie was only made for the fans. Rodriguez-fans, grindhouse fans, and especially fans of the trailer, get exactly what they expected: A cheesy over-the-top violent fun ride.
Machete sure isn't the best but also not the worst Rodriguez movie, but in my opinion it is sure worth a watch.
So if you watched Grindhouse and like the fake trailer, then go see "Machete".

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10


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