Medal of Honor - Recap Review

What's good

- Great sound design.
- Some impressive lighting effects here and there during daylight-missions.

What's bad

- Forgettable characters without any personality. You can't tell one from the other and don't care about them.
- Slapped together story without a story arch: no real exposition, no climax, and no meaningful resolution.
- Extremely boring mission-design with no set-pieces or highlights.
- Ridiculously stupid enemies AND alllies.
- Several game-breaking bugs that prevent you from progressing, forcing you to load checkpoints again.
- Frustrating cheap deaths, mainly due to broken grenade-danger-indicator.
- Singleplayer is a Call of Duty rip-off.
- Multiplayer is a Battlefield rip-off.
- Singleplayer and multiplayer feel like two different games (because of two seperate developers).
- Embarassingly sloppy, outdated graphics (muddy textures, choppy animation, etc.).


- Linkin Park performing the end credits song.

The Verdict

"Medal of Honor" feels like a game without an own original identity. While its singleplayer campaign feels like a dull "Call of Duty"-rip-off, completely copying the style and several mission-designs, its multiplayer feels like a "Battlefield"-rip-off, copying the trademark class-system.
Obviously, the developers from "Danger Close" wanted to jump on the successful train of "Modern Military Shooters", but didn't really have any original ideas to maintain a special place among the heavy competition. So they just thought that ripping-off successful ideas of the competition would turn "Medal of Honor" into gold...and boy did that strategy backfire. All the negative reviews about this game are perfectly reasonable and true.
You will immediately notice the game's lack of creativity through the boredom you will encounter during the first minutes of gameplay. It's all topped off with embarassingly cheap graphics and a basically non-existing story in the short singleplayer campaign. Only the multiplayer represents a small bright spot in this boring mess of a game, but it's very likely to only make you wish you'd be playing "Battlefield" instead.
It only goes to show that if you want to stick out among the competition, you also have to bring something new to the table and not just copy everything.

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

Status: Lazy!


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