Megamind - Review

There sure are not many movies out there that literally glorify the villain and his character. "Megamind" is one of those rare examples, in which we don't cheer for the hero but for the villain.

The plot: After super-villain Megamind (Ferrell) kills his good-guy nemesis, Metro Man (Pitt), he becomes bored since there is no one left to fight. He creates a new foe, Titan (Hill), who, instead of using his powers for good, sets out to destroy the world, positioning Megamind to save the day for the first time in his life.

The plot has some quite interesting turns. Like that it's Megamind, the villain, which the movie completely focuses on. Also the movie answers one of the biggest of our childhood cartoon-influenced questions: What happens if the villain actually wins? Well i won't spoil anything here but you get a pretty funny (but at the same time a maybe masochistic?) answer, which moves the story forward.
Although the plot and the characters might seem extremely promising for a great inventive animation flick, Megamind lacks some genius "Shrek-style" jokes. The movie has it's moments but it's not really any comedy that we haven't seen before somewhere else. It's nothing that ruins the movie from being a funny entertaining movie, but it's just a bit sad that it's wasted potential.
Villains have always been way more interesting than heroes. Just think of Helloween. Kids not only cheer for the good guys but also for the bad ones. Hell, even science keeps guessing till this very day what motivates specific people to commit cruel crimes (for example serial killers). Alright this may sound like i am going a bit too far here, but it's just such a fascinating side that could have been more focused on. I was kind of disappointed that at the end it's (of course) Megamind who switches roles and who now is the hero saving the world. I am ok with that because it's a kids movie, but an animated cartoon version of "No Country for Old Men" would be great to i guess (and would leave kids traumatized)...BUT ANYWAY!

The voice acting is superb. Will Ferrell really gets the audience to love the villain and hate the hero (Metro-Man). This time it's not about who fights for which side but who is more likable. And of course Megamind wins by a mile.
Although i am kind of surprised that Brad Pitt voicing Metro-Man got so little to do. I mean Metro-Man's screentime in this movie is not that long and for a star like Brad Pitt well you know what i mean. But nevermind, if you ask me neither Megamind nor Metro-Man is the most interesting and funny character, but Minion, Megamind's right hand Gorilla-Fish-Cyborg.....YEAH! voiced by David Cross.
Not only does Cross next to Ferrell the best voice acting performance in this movie, but also is Minion such a likable lovely character. He does not contribute much to the story but i don't know, i felt like Minion was a nice uplifting character (and by far probably the only character that was normal in the entire flick).

Another thing that surprised me about this movie was it's use of twists. Well, it's not really twists but it's more like the strategy that Megamind uses to defeat Titan in the final Showdown. It's on of the more exciting Showdowns i've seen this year in an animation movie.
Other highlights of the movie were the romantic scenes between Megamind and Roxanne which was quite adult stuff for a kids movie in my opinion. Don't get me wrong it's nothing offending to kids and very welcome but i am just impressed what "adult" behaviour and problems (don't take this too seriously) kids have to deal with in animation flicks nowadays.

All in all, "Megamind" is not the best animation movie but one of the better animation movies this year. Except it's plot and it's focus on the villain, the movie doesn't break new ground. Also the jokes could have been much better for a movie with such a great potential. But on the other hand, you get a great voice cast with remarkably great animation (it looks awesome seeing the buildings crumble). No question, your kids will love it anyway, but you will only love it if you don't expect too much from "Megamind". Just take it for what it is, light and entertaining.
So if you want to know what happens if a cartoon villain actually wins, then check out "Megamind".

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10


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