Portal 2 - Recap Review

What's good

- Experiencing the idea of the original "Portal" unfolded in a full length game.
- Clever and fun puzzles that are challenging but not frustrating, and that make you feel incredibly smart after solving them (or stupid if the solution is ridiculously easy).
- The addition of new elements to use during puzzles, like different gels, lasers, etc..
- GLaDOS and Wheatley. Entertaining, evil, likable, strangely human, and just plain funny. Easily two of the most memorable and original videogame characters out there.
- The humor and dialogue in the game are top notch and incredibly funny on a smart, intellectual level.
- The great dialogue is delivered through perfect voice acting.
- Great creation of an isolated claustrophobic atmosphere.
- The design of the robots, the facility, and this strange but fascinating sci-fi world as a whole.
- Co-op gameplay.

What's bad

- Little to no replay-value (except if you just want to experience the "trip" again).
- Sometimes the learning curve gets pretty steep considering the puzzles.
- Some weird out of place jazz music in the soundtrack. I get the joke but...what the f***?


- That main twist in the game's story, and the reveal of the Aperture Facility's secret entrance.

The Verdict

"Portal 2" is the perfect example that a great game doesn't need flashy explosions, bleeding-edge graphics or an army of characters to be something very special. It is the result of what can evolve from a awesome little idea if given the right amount of attention to. "Portal 2"'s story is by far no milestone in storytelling, but it's the experience alone that makes this game fun. It's like a theme park ride hosted by quirky but lovable characters. The developers from Valve show that they are not only good game designers in general, but also talented writers and especially great entertainers. But most importantly, you can tell that the developers had fun making this game and put much effort and love into it.
EVERYONE who liked the original "Portal" owes it to himself/herself to play this awesome sequel. "Portal 2" is at least just as good as the original, and oozes the charme and "violent innocence" of the original (if that makes sense). Furthermore, it adds more to the successful formula without alienating fans of the original.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Status: Amazing!


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