Repo Men - Review

Repo Men's story about a futuristic world where people obtain synthetic organs sure is not really a new idea. But then there are the repo men whose job it is to take back each organ from any customer who didn't pay his bills in time.

I found this idea very interesting. it was something i have never heard about in any other movie and so i was easily interested in how this would work out in this sci-fi thriller.

Well UNFORTUNATELY i have to say that this movie had pleeeenty of potential but almost nothing of it was utilized correctly.

I found the cast to do a pretty decent job pulling of the acting and the credibility of this world in which the company called "union" supports society with synthetic organs.
But there was just one major thing that was wrong, each character had far not enough emotional and important backstory. If i wanna be sucked into the atmosphere of a movie and its characters, it's a very bad thing if i DONT GIVE A F*** about either one of them.
Also there were some very strange "supposed to be"-comedic flashbacks, they were neither funny nor important. They just confused me figuring out what the movie was trying to be: serious?, funny?, or satirical?
Additionally, i not always did understand the logic of the characters, some moves they make just seemed flatout dumb, unnecessary or just unexplained.

Now i wanna go more into detail of what i didn't like:


- forest whitaker plays a totally stupid unlikable character (but ok maybe it was intended that way)

- jude law at first has absolutely no problems ripping out peoples' organs but after his accident he does.....WHY?!

- jude law has ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to team up with beth (that cyborg chick). If he wouldn't have taken her with him to the airport, he would have made it. DUMBASS!!

- besides, why does that love story between beth and jude come right the f*** out of nowhere??

- that little boy of jude law tazing his mom and jude acting like "good booooy!"....OMG KID YOU ARE NEVER GONNA GET PRESENTS AGAIN! (but i admit it was funny)

- forest whitaker betrayed jude law because he wanted to have him stay by his side. so he almost got killed...WORST BEST FRIEND EVER?! STUPIDEST PLAN EVER!!?? HOW ABOUT CONVERSATION!!???

- the ending is just cheap. you feel just like "ok i could have left the theatre right after jude gets his head smashed. i could as well just dream about how repo men could have ended better and it would be the entire dream sequence of jude"
i just hate movies that use the "IT WAS AAAAAALL A DREAM"-method


So, if you are just interested in the idea of the movie, check it out. but don't be surprised if the movie doesn't offer you much in terms of action, character development or acting.
I wouldn't recommend it, but if you are curious enough like i was, go watch it.

Final Verdict: 3 out of 10


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