Resident Evil: Afterlife - Review

Oh man what a bad movie. Since the moment that i saw the first trailer for this flick i knew that this one would totally suck.

The plot of this fourth installment in the franchise, centers again around our main protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich). In a post-apocalyptic earth full of zombies she tries to kill the head of the umbrella corporation who is responsible for all that...

Ehm yeah that's kind of it. The plot/story itself is so extremely hollow it's embarassing.

The cast choices and the acting are very bad. Milla Jovovich is as a great actress as she is a model, but she does kiiind of ok regarding that she is a model. The other actors do a horrible job and don't even deserve any kind of mentioning.
Oh and besides the bad acting, there is a lot of dumb, uninspired dialogue.
But the thing that really made me angry were the casting choices. The actors don't look anything like the video game characters. I am serious, if you played the games you know what i am talking about.
Oh and by the way, just like the other Resident Evil movie adaptations, this one also has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ACTUAL VIDEO GAME STORY! The characters, devices and monsters (especially from RE5) are put into the story for absolutely no reason.

All this is followed by the possibly worst CGI effects of the year. For a big theatrical release the CG looks way too fake and cheap...just like the rest of the movie.
The entire movie is focused on the 3D gimmick...and just like "Clash of the Titans", it sucks.
The action scenes are not well choreographed, boring and have a over-the-top dumb use of slow-motion (to enhance the 3D effect). This leads us the point that the only movie worth seeing in 3D still is "Avatar". End of story.

The Resident Evil movie franchise is slowly becoming the "Saw-franchise" of video game adaptations. The more sequels there are, the stupider and more unnecessary they get. Even if you want to watch this movie just for the action, there is a ton of better action movies out there, trust me. You will almost fall asleep during the action scenes in this flick.

Although there is one positive aspect, this movie does have a (at times) cool soundtrack. But the excessive use of the song "The Outsider" by the band "A Perfect Circle" during the final showdown is just an real shame.

All in all, Resident Evil Afterlife is total crap. Even if you only watch it for the action, you will be disappointed. This movie is not only the fourth installment of the franchise but also the worst one. Even fans of the previous films will hate this 3D bullshit movie. It's kind of a blasphemy that the great original story of the video games got changed so badly for the movie adaptations.
So, if you ask me, go read the video game novels or play the actual games for the real story and more enjoyment and PLEASE AVOID watching this piece of shit called "Resident Evil: Afterlife".

Final Verdict: 1 out of 10


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