Singularity - Recap Review

What's good

- Decent story with a few cool set-pieces and some mildly scary segments.
- Jumping between past and present during missions and seeing the consequences.
- The TMD in general that allows you to manipulate time and use it as a weapon in various ways.
- Some entertaining puzzles with the TMD (although they tend to repeat themselves often towards the end).
- Upgrading-system for weapons and the TMD.
- No recharging health (but health packs), making the game much more intense and challenging. 
- Nice twist-ending.
- Good monster sound effects.

What's bad

- Only specific objects can be altered with the TMD, thus drastically limiting the fun.
- Except for the TMD, there's a very obvious lack of creativity in the level design.
- Shooting mechanics are solid but unresponsive at times.
- Boring monster design (very obviously inspired by "Resistance").
- Small variety of enemies that don't differ much from each other.
- Small variety of weapons and them lacking a certain "punch".
- Outdated graphics.
- Extremely stupid enemy A.I..
- Out of place, tacked-on decision-system at the end.
- Badly written dialogue.
- No "Mission Select" system after you finished the game.
- No "New Game+" Mode.
- Forgettable, unnecessary multiplayer.


- Those cheesy, fake Russian accents that destroy any credibility!

The Verdict

"Singularity" is a by-the-numbers generic shooter whose only memorable feature is the TMD (Time Manipulation Device). The developers clearly focused only on the features the TMD is capable of, and not on any other aspect of the game. You won't find impressive A.I., creative monster designs, or anything else memorable here. It's just a pity that Raven Software didn't recognize that the uninspired level design and enemies heavily limit the fun of playing around with the TMD. "You ONLY can age that specific object. You ONLY can do this! You ONLY can do that!" It feels like they gave you a glove of power but still keep you on a leash in some way. That's clearly not how fun playing around with time should be! Better level design would have improved the TMD immensely.
Atmospherewise "Singularity" is pretty much a "Resistance" and "F.E.A.R." knockoff, but that's probably not going to annoy you as much as the poor and unimaginative level design. Every mission consists out of the same-looking rooms of bad guys you have to clear out. Only some object-altering-puzzles give you a break here and there, but even those get old really fast.
The time-machine-genre story is pretty decent though. It's very easy to follow and quite engaging to a certain degree.
Overall, "Singularity" is a nice, short, yet very forgettable generic shooter to kill some time with. With that said, it is totally worth a rent. Nothing more, nothing less.

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

Status: Try it out!


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