Skyline - Review

As you might know, i hate hollywood's love for putting as much CGI in a movie as possible only to cover its lack of a good plot, good acting etc.. "Skyline" is a prime exampley of what happens if a movie completely relies on its effects.
Who else but the Brothers Strouse who successfully fucked up AVP2 could pull something like this off?

The plot: Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth...and now we watch a group of dumbass jerks how the try to escape.

Yes the plot is quite as boring as the rest of the movie.
The storyline is just too simple. It's good enough for a straight-to-DVD flick or a mini series on TV, but not for a major release movie. That's exactly the feeling that you will get watching the first 30 minutes.

The cast does a poor job in acting. I mean if it was a horror flick that i bought on DVD because of it's cover i wouldn't be surprised that the main movie consists of people constantly screaming or talking about random dumb stuff. But again...this is a theatrical release movie. None of the actors is really worth mentioning except Donald Faison. But what the fuck is he doing in such a movie. Anyone of you who saw at least one scrubs episode knows what this guy is capable of. But no they give him a horror-flick-teenager kind of role and kill him off pretty early (Speaking of waste of talent).

The entire movie has a Cloverfield like atmosphere if you ask me. I didn't like Cloverfield that much but Skyline is waaay worse.

The effects in my opinion they suck. As you might know i am not a big fan of CGI. But the Brothers Strouse make you feel like you are sitting in the theater and they are just fuckin jerking off in your face with CGI Overloads. As if to say "oh eh damn we got no good plot and neither do we have credible actors ehm...ehm...SPACESHIIIIPS!!! LOOK ALIENS!!! WOOOOWIIIZOOOWI!!" -.- come on

And even the art design of the aliens is crap if you ask me. You are never able to decide whether it's a ship or an alien you are watching. EVERYTHING HAS FUCKIN BLUE NEON LIGHTS ON IT!! And what the fuck was that elephant alien thing? It all looks like a 3 year old kid came up to them and said "Hey i found an old grey chewing gum and put blue shining stickers on's an AAAALIEN!!!"
OMG were they just too lazy to come up with something original that well...looks cool?

And now for everyone who already watched this crap...the ending:


What the hell is that kind of an ending?? I mean, either you do it horror film style and make it a bad ending or you make a good ending so everybody lives. "BUT NO!! WE WANT TO BE ORIGINAL!! SO WE KIND OF DON'T SHOW YOU HOW IT ENDS AND EH....THE END!!!"
OMG Jarrod's brain has been absorbed into the alien and now he is controlling the alien and saving his wife from getting raped by...rotten sausages or stuff. BUT WAIT!! More alien approach and now a great battleTHE END......-.-
Seriously what the hell?! They show Jarrod now being able to kick ass and the thought "Eh now man let's end shooting for now i want to watch vampire diaries at home."
Again...too lazy or just plan stupid??
They didn't even really give us an ending. Or maybe the wanted to give us a hint of what to expect from "Skyline 2"...another piece of crap.

                   !!!END OF SPOILERS!!!

All in all, "Skyline" is just a bad movie. Except from effects that don't really stick out among the mass of sci-fi action flicks out there, the movie isn't able to give you anything more. It's short, boring, written badly and acted even worse. "Skyline" is that kind of DVD movie you would grab in the video story when you are too drunk to find the porn area and think that this will do it too. So, DON'T watch this crap. And if you absolutely must watch it, then just wait for the DVD or if it is shown on a sci-fi channel. I know that "Skyline" has a pretty small budget regarding the fact that it's a theatrical release movie, but you immediately recognize that every cent was put into the effects. Trust me, there are a billion straight-to-dvd movies that are far more entertaining and better movies than "Skyline".

Final Verdict: 1 out of 10


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