Splice - Review

According to the various trailers of splice that you might have seen, splice turns out to be not really a horror flick but more a sci-fi drama.
I wouldn't call that a dissapointment but well, it did surprise me a bit (to be honest there are some specific moments which are truly horror. read about them in the spoilers if you like).

The plot of "Splice" centers around a pair of scientists, Clive and Elsa (played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley).
Together they try to create a creature by combining the DNA of various animals. But then the two start an illegal experiment by adding human DNA to the other structures. Little do the know that the result will be a creature that is both almost human and yet not at all...

Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley are the two main protagonists in splice. I would say that probably 90% of the screentime belongs to either one of them (or Dren-->the creature).
They do a good job but it's nothing very special (except maybe for that ONE NOTORIOUS SCENE!)
Other characters are rarely shown and serve little to the plot.

The effects are pretty good. OF COURSE they are mainly CGI and aren't that impressive when Dren is little. But they start to get really damn good when we see the adult Dren who is a mixture of an actress with good alien make-up and CGI(adult Dren is played by Delphine Chanéac who looks pretty hot without all that make-up and CGI). The best part about the character Dren is by far that director Vincenzo Natali manages to give that creature a real child-like personality. At times you really feel sorry for Dren not being allowed to go outside or even to own a cat (which i till now didn't really get). The story has a rougly similar architecture to the popular Frankenstein story. A monster created by man but ultimately happens to get denied by them.
The thing is that "Splice" turns out to be a far better sci-fi drama than an actual horror movie. There are not that many kills and you actually don't really see how the victims are killed anyway. It's a far better character development story. Both of Dren and its creators Clive and Elsa.

And now it's time for some nip picking:



- Why is that science lab company called N.E.R.D.? I just don't get the sense of that. Is it supposed to be funny or is it just a coincidence? I just didn't get that.

- How come Dren understands every single word that Elsa says and IS EVEN ABLE TO PUT WORDS TOGETHER but can't speak a single word? Is it because she is anatomically unable to speak? It isn't such a big negative point but it just made me scratch my head.

- WHY THE HELL DID ELSA TAKE AWAY DREN'S CAT?! Dren didn't do her any harm so WTF?! Elsa just comes up to her and is like "you can't have that cat. you have to learn that you can't get everything you want." OH GREAT! WHAT A LESSON! In the previous scene it was such a big deal that Dren gets bored and now she isn't even allowed to have a freakin cat? Imagine your parents would come up to you when you were a kid and say "Give me that action figure that you got from christmas! You have to learn that you can't get everything you want!".....WTF!?!?!

- The best for last...WHY DOES ADRIAN BRODY FUCK DREN!!?!?!
OH MY GOD!! I don't even know where to start telling you on how many levels this is SICK!!! Clive cheats on Elsa...Dren isn't even HUMAN!!...Dren became kind of their child so actually Clive is also a pedophile...Dren isn't attractive...DOES CLIVE EVEN KNOW WHAT EXACTLY HE IS PUTTING HIS COCK INTO?!?!?!
Imagine if he's banging her and all of a sudden BAM!! her vagina bit off his dick.
You know what the best part about this is? THAT SAME THING HAPPENS TWICE!! First Clive is fucking Dren and later Dren is fucking Elsa. HOW CREEEPY DISGUSTING BAAAAAH CAN YOU GET?!?!

- The ending leaves you with a weird creepy feeling as you see that Elsa got pregnant by Dren. EEEEW Dude!

                    !!!END OF SPOILERS!!!

So, all in all, Splice isn't such a bad movie but don't be suprised like i was when i recognized that it's more a drama than a horror movie (except for those...specific...scenes). Although it's not really a must-see movie, you can quite give it a watch if you got much freetime and if you are curious enough for "Splice".

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10


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