The Hangover Part II - Review

Although i think that the first "Hangover" was quite a bit overrated, it still undoubtly was a big surprise hit. AND OF COURSE there had to be a sequel. What else is there to say? Sequels are notorious for fucking up good suprise hits...and "Hangover 2" is no exception.

The plot:
Right after the bachelor party in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, Alan, and Doug jet to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Stu's plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes seriously wrong.

Just by reading the plot everybody exactly notices the movies biggest flaw: IT'S EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE FIRST ONE! (wedding, hangover, lost someone --> trouble).
But alright many people might say "Come on. It's a hangover movie so they had to have another hangover with new funny stuff happening". Yes that's right, but that's the point! This movie DOESN'T give you anything new.

So, first let's get the acting out of the way: The acting in "Hangover 2" is ok. It's acted consistently solid. It is the script that lacks any creativity.

Oh man where do i start?
The writers probably knew that making another hangover movie was a fucked up idea and so they just said to themselves "Hey let's just shamlessly rip off the first movie!". ALL the supposedly funny situations of the trio are exact copies of the ones featured in the original. It's so awful how shamelessly the writers rip off...well...themselves! "Recycled" is the best word to describe the jokes here. I really thought about doing another spoiler section in this review and writing all of the rip-offs down...but guess what?'s just too many! Additionally, EVERYBODY who ever saw the first one will initially notice the of em.

Do you know the situation in which a kid comes up to you and tells you a joke you heard a thousand fuckin times but you keep laughing anyway just to be nice? Well...yeah...fuck that.

Watching "Hangover 2" will make everyone in the theater wish they were instead watching the first one again.
But let's not be TOO unfair: The movie actually manages to distinguish itself a bit from its predecessor by including "black humor". Unfortunately for them this "black humor" is completely misplaced. It's neither funny nor is it putting you into a good mood. The entire movie somehow is really mean-spirited. All of the characters, that the wolf pack stumbles upon along their trip, are all assholes, none of them is the least bit likeable OR interesting. Bangkok just seems to be full of just evil people. Worst of all is that those people are evil without any reason...they just are...WTF?! That's not funny but plain weird and creepy..NOT FUNNY! It's obvious that "Hangover 2" tries to make up its uncreativity with what the writers think is "sarcastic black humor" that will make people laugh. Unfortunately for them, the audience isn't able to understand WTF is supposed to be funny about it, when some cruel shit comes right the fuck out of nowhere without any explanation WHY!

There seriously is nothing else to say about this awful piece of shit movie. It's pure hollywood-sequel-money-making at it's ABSOLUTE finest. I pity all those poor souls who already spent money on watching this crap.
The thing why "Hangover 2" managed to make me that mad is not the fact that i am disappointed, but that i am just shocked of how shamelessly obvious those copied gags and the storyline are. I mean they don't even try to cover it up in some way.
I honestly can't imagine that anyone is going to like this sequel. Maybe it's just me, but making a sequel to the "Hangover" is just like wanting to make a sequel to "The Big Lebowski" (I don't want to put "Hangover" on the same level as "The Big Lebowski" but well, you know what i mean).

Whoever is reading this: DON'T WATCH this movie. Trust me. Everybody who ever watched the first one and is thinking that this one might be any good --> NO!
Feeding your money to ducks would make far more sense than spending it on this unholy fuckness.
Wait for the DVD if you absolutely have to. Or better just watch the far superior first "Hangover" instead and then you've probably seen 99% of the jokes from "The Hangover Part II".

Final Verdict: 2 out of 10


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