The Losers - Review

Since the A-Team movie did more or less disappoint me as an action fan by it's CGI action scenes, I didn't find a comparable movie which avoided A-Team's mistakes...then i saw "The Losers".

The plot centers around an elite US special forces team consisting of Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Jensen (Chris Evans), Roque (Idris Elba), Pooch (Columbus Short) and Cougar (Oscar Jaenada). During a secret rescue mission in Bolivia, the team gets betrayed by their mysterious commander/informant Max (Jason Patric). After this mission, "the losers" erase every trace of their existence to make everyone believe they died during the operation. From this point on, the team seeks for revenge on Max...

The plot of the losers is pretty much comparable to the a-team's plot (an underground special ops team seeking for revenge). The complete movie is adapted by the vertigo comic series of the same name. Unfortunately i didn't read them yet, which makes it not possible for me to say if the movie is true to its source material in any aspect.
Just think of the plot as if Charlie's Angels got pissed and now want to kill their unknown Boss.

But anyway, the movie has a slick, cool comic book style, that is present in the various action scenes and the comedy as well. The losers is a flick that is not taking itself too seriously. This shows in several scenes in which the audience is confronted with sometimes over-the top and even goofy looking special effects (like the unnecessary slow-motion use). But honestly, i thought that this doesn't really hurt the overall feel of the movie and probably even matches the style of this flick.

The cast does an ok acting job. It's nothing groundbreaking but it's ok for an entertaining action flick. But I have to say that this only counts for the protagonists (The Losers).
Max (played by Jason Patric) is such an awful villain. That character is just a joke. I don't know if i should blame the bad writing or the actor himself, but the character Max is so goddamn clicheed, over-the top goofy, non-threatening and uninteresting, sometimes it really feels like when you get a scene with him, you could think you were watching an austin powers movie. Max can be best described as a parody of a bond villain. The entire character Max really hurt the overall fell of this movie.
The losers themselves do a great job in the acting department. Especially Jeffrey Morgan as Clay does a good as a broken old man. But also Chris Evans as Jensen surprised me. I was pretty sure that Chris Evans would fill this flick with bad jokes, but honestly...most of the jokes and funny scenes actually work and he doesn't make a complete clown of himself (like Murdock in the a-team movie).

The action scenes are well placed and great. There's almost no CGI used in the action. The CGI is mainly used for the over-the-top slow-mo effects but i think that is not toooo bad. I can deal with that if that's all.
Oh, and the intro scene of "The Losers" is sooo way better than the stupid intro sequence of "The A-Team".
Also this flick does have a pretty entertaining and exciting final showdown.

All in all, for me "The Losers" is a far superior film than "The A-Team". The plot and the style of both teams can be compared pretty well, but i honestly, i had a way better time watching this one than "A-team". The action is more engaging, the acting is better, and so is the overall story. The only things that really hurt this movie and only made it a 50%, are the stupid main villain and the a bit too thin plot. But if you don't take this movie too seriously and take it as an entertaining comic book action flick, you will have a good time with "The Losers".

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10


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