The Town - Review

To be honest, as i watched the trailer for "The Town" for the first time, i really wasn't that interested in watching it. I felt like it was a boring try of Affleck acting as a director. But then i read the several highly positive reviews of you guys and from this point on i just had to see this one.
And well, i am really surprised that Affleck is capable of directing actually pretty good gangster movies.

The plot: As he plans his next job, a longtime thief tries to balance his feelings for a female bank manager connected to one of his earlier heists, as well as the FBI agent looking to bring him and his crew down.

The cast of "The Town" is extremely well chosen and therefore does an extraordinarily great job in the acting department. Ben Affleck sure isn't the role model of a great actor, but since i saw him act in "Good Will Hunting", i think he has the abililty to play believable characters (besides he also wrote the script to "Good Will Hunting" with Matt Damon). Affleck is our main character in this flick, Doug. He is not only the leader of the gangster team, but also the only one with a sense for morality. He is the good guy, whose past forces him to do things that he hates. He is the guy the audience rootes for. You can really see the dilemmas that Doug (Affleck) is going through. Although i till now don't really get how stupid he is that he EVEN TALKS with the former hostage bank manager, but otherwise the movie's plot wouldn't work and probably it's just **LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT**.
Although, at times i thought that the romance between Affleck and Rebecca Hall seemed a bit hollow and forced, Rebecca Hall did good, as the charming but also worried Claire.
Anyway, on the other hand there is Jeremy Renner as the unpredictable and partly uncontrolable team member Jem. I saw what a great actor Jeremy Renner is when i saw "The Hurt Locker"...let's just say that this guy really deserved his academy award nomination. He is just great in delivering that role.
Other supporting characters like Chris Cooper etc. do also well and don't pull the overall acting down.

I have heard many people comparing "The Town" to Michael Mann's "Heat" and even some of them say that "The Town" is a superior film. Well, in my opinion, this is not the case. Heat's strength was not only that it gave us a great cast and a great story, but it also did an awesome job in handling the balance between drama and action. The viewer never got too bored or overloaded with drama, after each drama scene you got cool action.
"The Town" clearly focuses more on drama, but it's very good drama. This doesn't mean that the action sucks, it only means that action-fanatics will face more drama than what they actually came for. Also i think that "The Town" is a bit too slow paced for my taste but that's just in comparison to "Heat".
"The Town's" great cast makes the drama work. Quickly the viewer recognizes that this flick has smartly written interesting dialogue that gives each character a deep backstory. Affleck paid much attention on the characters relationships with each other. Although, there are some moments in which i thought that the movie was getting too melodramatic, it doesn't hurt the overall feel.
At least at the end, you really start to understand the quotes at the beginning of the movie, how this gloomy, dark, town called Charlestown, actually destroyed many people lives through crime. And a great achievement.

The entire movie has a total of 3 big action sequences. But what "The Town" lacks in action quantity, it outweighs with quality. The action is just superb, and at the same level of movies like "Heat".
The shaky and exciting camera work and cinematography really enhances the realistic feel of the bank robbery moments.

All in all, i can only say that "The Town" is the best gangster movie (at least) of this year. Ben Affleck really surprised me with this one and from now on i will tend to respect that man a whole lot more. A big "BRAVO!" to Affleck, who created this exciting crime thriller. I can only tell you that all the positive reviews are actually justified and if you have something left for gangster movies: What the hell are you waiting for? Go visit "The Town"!

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10


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