Toy Story 3 - Review

Toy Story 3 is one of those very rare second sequels that happen to be the best of the entire series. How often can you say that about a movie?

Toy Story 3 has some interesting new ideas, putting woody and his friends into new exciting situations and problems to solve.
This time they have to deal with the problem of their owner andy getting too old to play with toys anymore. So they get to a day-care center to get played there by kids but unfortunately nothing there is what it seems to be.

You really feel how the totally entertaining escape scene easily is the highlight of this movie. the brilliant observation by the different toys give that part of the movie almost a heist/ocean's eleven kind of feel.

But one of the best things which make this movie really special among other animation flicks, is the emotional depth.
Toy Story 3 let's you remember the time when we were kids and playing with our favorite toys and how valuable they were to us.
Especially the ending of toy story 3 is very touching and lovely at the same time. Rarely an animation movie really achieves to even grow above the aim to just entertain but also make the audience relate with the characters (other movies achieving this were for example: WALL-E)

Of course the animation is top notch and has the familiar quality of animation movies of nowerdays.

I kind of missed some more adult jokes in the comedic parts, but on the other hand i guess those jokes wouldn't really match with the style of Toy story 3 and the theme of actual toys being the protagonists.

All in all, Toy Story 3 is the best animation feature so far this year and has plenty of comedy, great story and a very important and heartwarming message that childhood is one of our most important and valuable parts of our lifes.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10


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