Heavenly Sword - Recap Review

What's good

- The artstyle is very unique. A mixture between Fantasy, Asian Samurai and Ninja.

- Considering that it's one of the first PS3 exclusives, the graphics are really good.
- Simple, yet interesting story with memorable characters.
- The voice acting is top notch. Especially Andy Serkis as Bohan is entertaining as hell.

- The combat system is fun, straight forward and easy to learn.
- Fairly challenging final battle.

What's bad

- Way too short.

- Everything involving the Sixaxis controls is difficult for all the wrong reasons (bad controls!).
- (--> No option to change the Sixaxis controls to Analog Stick controls, as far as i know.)
- Learning curve feels weird. Most levels are easy but then suddenly the final battle gets pretty hard.
- Most boss battles are too easy.
- Personally, i felt the ending was out of place.


- Kai to Enemy Commander: "Maybe I'll hit your weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE!"

The Verdict


Heavenly Sword is not necessarily a must play game. Considering its short length, it's a perfect rental. While the combat system could have been a good amount better if given a bit more speed and complexity, it's still surprisingly satisfying fighting through Nariko's unique Asian Fantasy style world. The fairly simple story gets interesting thanks to funny and twisted characters brought to life through incredibly good voice acting, motion- and facial-capturing.
Heavenly Sword is a great way to kill some time without feeling you wasted it.
Really, only the stupid Sixaxis gimmick and the short length hold the game back from being remembered in a better light.
It's one of those games that would truly deserve an improved sequel due to its great potential.
Only time will tell if we are going to see Nariko again. 
Until then, feel free to check out this interesting "hidden" gem from the PS3 library.    

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Solid Rental

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