Homefront - Recap Review

What's good

- The basic premise is quite interesting (although pretty far fetched).
- One or two pretty shocking moments showing the misery of war.
- Some good gun sounds here and there.

What's bad

- Story feels extremely unmotivated, doesn't make use of the premise and has huge plot holes.

- Very short campaign.
- Gameplay without any own personality --> mimics COD in terms of setpieces, missions and gameplay.
- Boring and repetetive missions.

- Soulless and stupid characters.
- Really bad, clichee dialogue.
- Very dated, partly even ugly graphics.
- Cookie cutter, by the numbers level design without any real freedom (invisible walls everywhere).
- Cheap deaths (enemies hit you through the smallest holes despite being in cover).
- Multiplayer offers very little to keep your interest.


- The supposedly "secret" location of the resistance base is a joke.

The Verdict


To be honest, when i heard the first news about Homefront, i was really hyped for this game back in the day. But after it got literally buried into oblivion by horrible scores and reviews, it lost my attention fairly quickly.
Don't let the tagline "by the writer of "Red Dawn" and "Apocalypse Now"" fool you. Despite maybe the basic premise, you don't feel like anything of those two classic movies is present in this lackluster achievement by Kaos Studios. Homefront is an unmotivated cashgrabbing game, whose only strength lies in its setting. With gameplay that fanatically mimics COD (like Medal of Honor), a horribly told storyline and characters right out of a straight-to-DVD military flick, there's absolutely NOTHING that will keep your interest for more than a max. of 15 minutes.
It's one of those games that you will regret to have bought or even rented because it flatout wastes your time. It's a sheer mystery to me how a game that offers so little and just oozes lazyness, has taken so much time to develop.
There sure are worse shooters out there, but the sheer genericness and reliance on a basic premise without developing it or trying to make ANYTHING new, makes you feel like you've been cheated.
Don't buy or rent Homefront unless you are an FPS-junkie who doesn't care what shooter he's playing.

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

Status: Lazy!

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