Binary Domain - Recap Review

What's good

- The story is more of a been-there-done-that thing but has some unique (weird) twists towards the end, a good flow and occasionally believable emotional depth.

- Good variety of robot enemies.
- Pretty challenging with a well balanced learning curve.
- Surprisingly long game.
- Controls are very easy to get into and handle well.
- Some epic boss battles.
- Beautiful graphics with high production values.

What's bad

- The premise of a robot rebellion has been done to death and only has one or two new ideas.

- Out of this world stupid dialogue and characters.
- The main protagonist (that you play as) is an unlikable macho asshole that you would want to see die first.

-The squad-command feature mixed with a certain karma-system doesn't work and is badly implemented. (Most of the time the teammate i had the best relation to never did what i ordered him to).
- Some over the top cheesy moments that just scream "JAPAN!" or "ANIME!".
- Leveling up your characters is kind of broken (--> when you play the story the first time you don't know which character is going to die. So you might accidently spend all your XPs on a character that is killed in the next chapter...WASTE OF FUCKIN XP!).
- Missing damage-indicators on bosses during battles (You never know if you're wasting your ammo or actually inflicting damage on him).
- Derivative, completely unnecessary multiplayer.


- The game's version of a mixture between man and robot is...weird...weird and stupid.

The Verdict


Though not being a movie-licensed game, Binary Domain is so far the best Terminator game that i know of. Though the story of a robot rebellion involving androids has been done to death, the game comes up with one or two pretty unique and weird (silly) ideas and twists. 
Despite being forced to play as the absolutely most unlikable videogame character that i've seen in DECADES, the story has good level design, a good flow and is just plain fun to play through.
The gameplay however leaves much to be desired: most game mechanics that try to make the game something unique are just broken and ultimately unnecessary. With that said, it's the most basic third-person shooter mechanics that work very smoothly here and that avoid making the gameplay itself a disaster.
In conclusion, Binary Domain is far away from delivering something truely unique or being memorable. Yet still, it's an undeniably beautiful game whose well-functioning core game-mechanics help it to be at least a good rental for sci-fi shooter fans and a satisfying time killer. 

P.S.: Still the best Terminator(-esque) game to date.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Try it out

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