Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Recap Review

What's good

- Great presentation and overall design of the world.
- Top notch voice acting.
- Impressive facial animations and character designs. 
- Good character development.
- Fun story/journey with exciting set pieces to experience.

What's bad

- Some dated graphics (pop-in, muddy textures, etc.).

- Some bugs. 
- Controls feel a bit clunky.
- Very limited combat moves.
- Small variety of enemies.
- (Climbing segments often feel like auto-pilot.)
- At times very boring and annoying copy & paste game design.   
- Unsatisyfying, inconclusive and illogical ending.    


- The ending and that weird love triangle between Trip, Monkey and Pigsy.

The Verdict


Enslaved is one of those games, where the story represents the main attraction. With a very interesting premise set in an impressively designed dystopian world like we've rarely seen it before, experiencing Monkey's and Trip's story turns out to be much more fun than playing the game itself. It gets obvious that Ninja Theory had trouble building an effective gameplay suite around our heroes' journey. 
Very limited flexibility in combat and especially the more and more obvious cookie-cutter mission design are the biggest indicators for this. Followed by some technical issues, one could easily think that Enslaved is a bad game, which it's most definitely not.
While admittedly the gameplay is extremely basic and forgettable, breezing through Enslaved's main story is quite fun despite a lame ending, thanks to very likable and believable characters traveling through an exciting world.
All in all, Enslaved is an good rental game but sadly nothing more

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Solid Rental

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