Top 10 Worst Movies of 2012

This is it. Now that 2012 is coming to an end, it is time to count down my Top 10 movies of the year. To save the best for last, let's start with the worst.

2012 was a weird year for movies AND games. While in the games department there just wasn't that much interesting or groundbreaking released, movie-wise the year was incredibly strong with bad movies.
Clearly the bottom of the barrel of the film industry has had the upper hand this year.
And although bad movies are guaranteed to frustrate, there's also always something special about them. Something in that "badness" that transforms a bad movie into a comedy or at least a funny experience.
Ultimately, there always are just as many bad movies that people remember throughout their lifetime as there are good ones.

Here is my list of the worst movies of 2012 that i experienced. I didn't devote each one of them a review on the site and i most certainly didn't watch every single movie of the year but still the repertoire of movies i watched (60 movies total) was very plentiful once again.

Easily to be confused with Transformers, Battleship could just as well be another robot Michael Bay movie. Having nothing else to offer than over-the-top alien robot effects and stunningly bland characters such as Rihanna as a pseudo badass marine chick, Battleship is only something for action junkies with very low standards.

For the full review click here.

The Resident Evil movie franchise was doomed to fail right from the start. It more and more mutated into some sort of sci-fi zombie kung-fu flick, which only bares very little resemblance to the much better game franchise that it is based on. Randomly thrown in characters and monster designs from the original games are the only recognizable things left from the game series in this plotless action nonsense.

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Without a doubt one of the funniest movies this year. Luring in innocent movie goers by only very mildly featuring stars like Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, The Cold Light of Day turned out to be probably the absolutely stupidest version of a Bourne Identity movie that one could come up with. A mind-numbingly stupid pussy of a protagonist, a pseudo badass villain and a story that doesn't make sense easily help this movie make the list.

Go out and tell the next best kid you come across to tell you a terrorist joke. Now imagine this for about 80 minutes and you get The Dictator. While it is very different from Sasha Baron Cohen's previous movies in terms of storytelling, the essence of the movie, the jokes, absolutely fail to impress. Being very forced and devoid of laughs (if you are over 10 years old), The Dictator is a waste of time.

Adapting one of the best horror games in existence, Silent Hill 2, shouldn't be that hard if you exactly made a 1:1 adaptation. What could be so hard? Well, with Silent Hill Revelation the movie rather kind of adapted Silent Hill 3 instead but threw in so many out of place nonsensical plot points, very bad acting performances and laughable CG effects that the true horror is to watch how such a once great game franchise gets completely raped by an incapable director. One sequel that shouldn't have happened.

Thanks to a stronger focus on action rather than endless stupid teenage love-triangle drama, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the most enjoyable entry in the Twilight Saga. Yet still, this doesn't say much. Inexplicable technical failures, TV level effects, dumb dialogue, out of nowhere story aspects that haven't been introduced in previous entries and a big disregard towards continuity put this final installment only slightly above the rest of the saga. Definitely a movie only hardcore fans can enjoy (or people who watch it for the comedy).

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Talk about a soulles slapped together movie. Though featuring a big star cast of Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon. This Means War is devoid of comedy and a romantic story. For the pour souls that weren't able to spot the miserable boring character of this by-the-numbers-clichee-love-triangle-story, they were up for 90 minutes of pure boredom and lazy scriptwriting.

  There were two Snow White movies released in 2012. Right from the start when the first of the two, Mirror, Mirror, was released, it was clear who would win. There was no chance that Snow White and the Huntsman would be anywhere near as bad as this Disney-Channel-esque failure of wannabe artsy director Tarsem Singh. While some of the design aspects were interesting, they were not even remotely able to save this mess of a movie. With toddlers being probably the only target audience this movie is aiming for, it makes the "okay" Snow White and the Huntsman feel like a movie milestone in comparison.

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Either Ghost Rider 2 is just a really really bad movie or it's just another "typical" movie in which Nicolas Cage just does what he fucking wants. It has all the symptoms of a bad Cage flick. A completely over-the-top Cage performance, fittingly over-the-top very unbalanced effects, a bland almost non-existent storyline and overall (despite being a superhero movie) just not being fun.
After all, is really anybody surprised anymore that Cage yet again did one of the worst movies this year? Well, I'm not.

For the full review click here.

Chernobyl Diaries is next to the Paranormal Activity movies THE essential movie, that shows that some studios try to cash in with the absolute minimal amount of effort. It can all be summed up with the term: found-footage-horror-movie. What started with the (back in the day) pretty impressive Blair Witch Project, nowadays turns out to be probably the laziest genre idea ever.
To be honest, the place Chernobyl itself is spooky enough without a movie. Therefore, it should give plenty of possibilites for a horror movie set there.
Well, imagine a bunch of generic characterless teenagers heading to Chernobyl for a thrill trip, getting stuck there and not seeing anything remotely creepy there for ehm...the entire movie.
I am serious. It's just some screams in the dark and the teenagers just disappearing by being taken from some dudes in the dark. The stupid final twist in the end doesn't make it anyway better.
Chernobyl Diaries is the prime example of Hollywood movie greed. Grabing your money by showing you an interesting concept and then just giving you nothing but dark images, some screams and a whole lot of "wooow i am realistic" shaky cam.
Absolutely THE worst movie i have seen in 2012.

We close our Top 10 with a dishonorable mention of "The Most Disappointing Movie of 2012".

What the hell happened? As a director of the first and simultaneously one of the best Alien movies in the entire franchise, one would think that nothing could go wrong if your give Ridley Scott the task to write and direct the Prequel to this fantastic sci-fi franchise. The prequel to a movie HE HIMSELF directed.
To be honest, Prometheus looks and sounds great, but that's about everything positive the movie has to offer. I was incredibly hyped for this movie right up from the start when i saw the thrilling first trailer.
When i watched this movie i was about to endure a long journey of  WTFs and dissapointments. To quote the Screenjunkie's Honest Trailer "A movie with no payoff or answers to anything!".
And that's pretty much it. Prometheus would have been an ok B-Horror-Movie if it wouldn't have had the pressure of being a prequel to one of the most cherished sci-fi movies in existence.
But what director Ridley Scott delivered here was barely even recognizable as one of his movies. Unexplained plot points that lead to nothing, barely any answers to anything, a space scientists crew that could just as well be a group of teenagers in a slasher movie and an ending that just tells you that there is going to be a sequel. A movie with incredibly big potential that got completely destroyed by an unbarable script. THE disappointment of 2012.

For an in depth look at all the things wrong with Prometheus, watch this.

For the full review click here.

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