Far Cry 3 - Recap Review

What's good

- Beautiful graphics.
- Very realistic presentation and adult approach.
- Solid and involving action-adventure story.
- Big focus on character development.
- Extremely good voice acting.
- Variety of colorful and credible characters.
- Necessity of tactical thinking during missions.
- Hunting animals has actual purpose gameplaywise.
- Vivid huge islands with credible wildlife and population.
- Many cool skills to learn via gaining XP.
- Tons of stuff to explore and to do in single player.
- Great, fitting soundtrack.

What's bad

- Some wasted potential on the character Vaas.
- The protagonist Jason's character development sometimes feels rushed.
- Mystical and magical story-elements mostly feel very out of place. 
- Weak co-op missions and multiplayer. 


- Killing a boss in a dream sequence somehow also kills him in reality.

The Verdict


Far Cry is an excellent example of a franchise that grew with every entry through constantly improving itself. With Far Cry 3 the development teams of Ubisoft effectively ironed out all the issues players had with Far Cry 2, while at the same time keeping the good things intact:
The expectedly beautiful graphics on a huge scale now became topped up with a fairly basic but exciting and solidly written action-adventure story that focuses heavily on the protagonist Jason's character development and serious tones like slave trade. It is truely a game that takes its audience of gamers just as serious as it takes its tones. To be fair, it has to be said that the story might wrestle around a bit with some tonal shifts including the involvement of out of place mystical elements, but it's still a very exciting trip.
Only very few aspects of the game actually hold it back to make it perfect. Along with the mentioned mystical elements in the story, some weak monotone co-op missions and the fact that the actual main antagonist in the story is not Vaas, who is absolutely the most terrifyingly crazy but also interesting villain i have seen in a long time, are the only negative aspects here.
Ultimately, Far Cry 3's minor flaws are easily outweighed by all of the game's big improvements and overall fun to be had with tons and tons of content and things to explore in this beautifully crafted game.

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Status: Must-Play!

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