Top 10 Best Movies of 2012

Better late than never. As i already mentioned, this time, the Top 10 Best Movies of 2012 list took a bit longer to finish. Considering some supposedly very good movies that i still wanted to see and maybe include into the list, i apologize for the long wait.

And yet still, i am nowhere near at having watched every movie released in 2012. But then again, who the hell has? (And who has that much time anyway?).
On the other hand, with a total of exactly 60 watched movies that were released the past year, things got pretty crowded in my ranking list this time around.

As i already mentioned in the Top 10 Worst List, 2012 was pretty much the year of bad movies.
But among all those stinkers there are always those shiny diamonds that show us what movie-going experiences are all about. They are the ones that remain in our memories and make us watch them multiple times again and again due to their different cinematic strengths.

These are Invisible Kid's Top 10 Best Movies of 2012.

Starting the list with a controversial pick, John Carter has been generally bashed and become infamous as one of the biggest financial bombs of 2012.
While the reasons for this are left to discuss, the adaptation of Edgar Rice Burrough' first John Carter novel may be very clicheed and disney-style-cheesy, but its ultimately also a fun light-hearted and "working" journey that is destined to please.
The story of the basically first superhero, John Carter, indeed is very flawed compared to plot-standards of today's movies. But then again this movie is not supposed to be compared. With such an old book as a source material at its core, this would be missing the point. John Carter showed that it is exactly the solid, family-friendly, simple-minded action adventure that it wants to be. 

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Most definitely THE false advertising of the year.
After movies like Taken, Liam Neeson pretty much got branded an action star. Watching the trailer of the Grey promised a cold-blooded, action-packed fight between Liam Neeson and a pack of wolves after a plane crash.
What was advertised as an action movie turned out to be one of the hands-down most effective horror movies i have seen in quite a long while. Unnerving, depressing but also poetic, The Grey is one of the most involving experiences i had this year despite a lame ending. 

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The overall best animated feature movie of 2012 also made the list of the overall best movies of 2012, ...who knew?
Defying the odds of terrible third entries in animated feature franchises (just look at Shrek, Ice Age, etc.), Madagascar 3 gave us nothing but new and fun stuff to gaze at.
Funny slapstick and humor, great performances of new and old animal friends but also interesting villains like the Terminator-esque Captain Chantel DuBois and a colorful circus-theme.
This third entry shows that it has ideas where other franchises already ran out of steam.
Still one question remains: Why the hell is it still called Madagascar?!

Finally a sci-fi movie with a premise that i had in mind for years now!
Time-travel movies seem to get generally avoided by directors due to their high plot-hole risk.
While Looper admittedly "kind of" falls into this very same trap, this would be completely missing the point.
Focussing more on the emotional side of the characters and on the "loop-effect" of time-travel, it pays attention to themes never before tackled in such sci-fi movies.
With two "same" characters trying to forcefully manipulate their future, Looper gives various perspectives and ideas on how to look at time-travel, which makes all the difference.

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Once again, Kathryn Bigelow prooved to be a true master of realistic film-making.
After the surprisingly amazing Hurt Locker, it may come off as a bit boring to once again let the female director make another military movie.
Zero Dark Thirty wins over the audience with an effective atmosphere of searching for Bin Laden like for a needle in a haystack. Often uncomfortably violent and sadistic (expecially the torture scenes), Bigelow's new Oscar-runner-up additionally triumphs with an extremely high sense for realism.
Due to a lack of enough emotional depth, Zero Dark Thirty might not reach the heights of The Hurt Locker but nevertheless remains one of the most unforgettable experiences of 2012.

Tarantino movies have a significant style that may not be appealing everybody.
Considering that director Quentin Tarantino himself is a big cineast having watched way more movies up till now than most people in a lifetime, it's no wonder that with probably every own movie he is trying to pay tribute to his favorites while also blending it with his own stories.
Django Unchained shows Tarantino's take on the Western genre (most definitely movies like Django and Sergio Leone Westerns).
Featuring a far more down-to-earth storytelling (compared to stranger stories like in Pulp Fiction) and some parallels to Inglorious Basterds' eye-for-an-eye revenge attitude, Django Unchained offers a super-violent and solid story, although being quite a bit too long. 
Yet still, Tarantino's newest movie oozes his significant style and has minor flaws that are easily outweighed by its big cast of A+ actors that deliver powerhouse performances that make basically every character interesting to listen to and multiple scenes incredibly tense.
Another great Tarantino flick!

Life of Pi pretty much snuck up on me. Having heard nothing about its story or where it came from, i was blown away when i saw it.
Basically a Cast Away type of movie, it depicts the 227 day journey/survival of Indian boy Pi on a boat with a large Bengal tiger. What sounds like a kid-friendly adventure flick a la Lassie, really is a very straightforward and very serious (sometimes even depressing) adult movie with little to laugh.
Like Cast Away it is primarily a tale of survival with an incredibly effective moral at its core that really sinks in after the credits roll.
The top-notch animal effects (probably the most realistic to-date) are only the icing on the cake of this beautiful cinematic experience.

Effectively putting all of my worries to rest, The Hobbit is a great fantasy adventure. Yet, in order to realize this movie's potential, the viewer has to realize that The Hobbit is a different kind of fantasy story that is not meant to be compared to the LOTR movies
Just like the original novel that it is based on, The Hobbit is a simple, children's fairy tale without the very serious tone and huge epic scale of the following LOTR Saga.
People not liking this movie obviously have troubles to avoid those comparisons.
However if you do accept the movie's simplicity, you will find one of the best fantasy adventure movies of the past few years. With simplicity being its strength but sometimes also its biggest flaw, the overall package is a very exciting, well directed and easy-to-get-into roller coaster ride that makes the wait for the next movie feel even longer.

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I just had to give into my inner nerd and place one of the best superhero experiences i had in the theater on this list.
Sure, the Avengers is nowhere near the same level of quality as many Oscar-nominated movies, but for me as a geek, it was the perfect payoff after a series of several solid to great Marvel superhero flicks.
Handling the scale and balancing the different heroes in a movie with so many countless fan-pleasing moments was a true achievement from comic-fan-director Joss Whedon.
Avengers indeed is mostly just a true action-spectacle blockbuster but in the genre of comic book movies it set the bar higher by showing that superhero collaborations on such a grand scale can actually work if characters are introduced in separate movies (therefore a new trend was born).
Avengers sucessfully withstands its ridiculous hype and is a comic geek's dream come true.

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Without a doubt, Skyfall is the movie that left the biggest impression on me in 2012.
Why exactly is it number 1?
Skyfall is a movie that bravely takes the long-running franchise to new ways with new ideas that all work while at the same time paying tribute and respect to the old 007 movies.
Involving subjects like an aging and troubled James Bond, questioning the loyalty to the MI6, cyber-terrorism in today's age, psychological scars of the main characters and their backstories, etc., Skyfall storywise heads into new territory that gives more insight into the 007 mythos while also keeping just enough mystery around the character of James Bond to keep him fascinating. A balance that only rarely has been achieved.
Watching Skyfall till the end prooves that the franchise is set for a new era that will shake up franchise traditions as much as it will stay true to its roots.
Especially fantastic performances like the one of Javier Bardem as the frightingly psychologically scarred Silva additionally elevate this movie above the regular action thriller.
Going new directions with such confidence, style and ideas easily earns Skyfall the number 1 spot on Invisible Kid's Top 10 Best Movies of 2012.

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Let's close this Top 10 list with an honorable mention of the best surprise hit of 2012.

What at first glance looked to me like an average boring teenager flick of a TV series that i've never watched, completely caught me off guard, when i was surprised by a quite smartly written comedy.
It sure is no comedic masterpiece but for a movie that marketed itself so cheap, 21 Jump Street is a surprisingly well working and solid comedy (that for once doesn't make Channing Tatum seem like a stupid caveman).
No movie that you should run out an buy instantly but sure one of the better comedies of 2012 and most definitely the most welcome surprise of the past year.

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