Aliens: Colonial Marines - Recap Review

What's good

- Plenty of fan service that may evoke some nostalgia.
- The many trademark sounds from the Alien universe.
- Aliens soundtrack (from the movie).

What's bad

- Shamefully lame sequel-story to Aliens filled with bland characters.
- Complete lack of Aliens atmosphere (neither scary nor tense).
- Some bad voice acting.
- Gameplay without an own character.
- VERY basic game mechanics.
- Awfully boring and monotone level design. 
- Outdated graphics.
- MAJOR technical issues all across the board.
- Laughable set-pieces.
- Extremely stupid enemy A.I.
- Extremely stupid teammates. 
- Amazingly stupid boss battles.
- Desperate tries to mimic scenes from the movie.
- Chaotic, unbalanced multiplayer.   


- Realizing that Colonial Marines is actually worse than AvP from 2010.

The Verdict


Aliens: Colonial Marines is such a bad game, that it doesn't even deserve a full review, despite being released this very week (as i am writing this review).
I really had to stretch my tolerance to say at least one or two good things about this game, but to be honest: It's a shameful disgrace to the movie that it is based on.
After years of countless delays it is undeniably as good as impossible to meet the sky-high expectations of fans. But just a bad joke. 
Gearbox Software seemed to have made it a trademark of their studio to just pick up overy-long delayed games and just shit them into the stores to make some quick cash.
Aliens: Colonial Marines sadly became another victim of this "Duke-Nukem-Forever-Syndrome".
Fans of the Alien movies deserved a game that at least was decent and met the standards of today's game industry. 
But what we finally got is a badly produced game that could've come out 20 years ago
On top of that, major technical issues like stupid enemy A.I., constant clipping errors, lip-sync errors, bad facial animations, and many many more show that this game was rushed into the stores without any necessary polish.
In the end, Aliens: Colonial Marines is nothing else but a giant monotone and stupid shooting-gallery that might evoke nostalgia for some fans, but it ultimately makes you wish you would've rather watched Aliens again than be playing this disappointing waste of time.    

Final Verdict: 4 out of 10
Status: Avoid it!!

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