Dishonored - Recap Review

What's good

- Great artstyle that mixes different genres (kind of industrial-punk/ steam-punk).
- Simple but decent story.
- Mixture of realistic Victorian weapons and magic elements.
- Big variety on ways to tackle a mission.
- Different playstyles that (basically) all work.
- Multiple endings.

What's bad

- Imbalance issues: Some powers are exploitably overpowered.
- Corvo is a silent protagonist.
- By the end, Corvo is so powerful that using stealth is unnecessary.
- Short game with only 9 Missions.
- Endings are a bit disappointingly simple. 


- Using rats as your assassin pets.

The Verdict


Although Dishonored isn't really inventive when it comes to new game mechanics or gameplay styles, it's the vast variety of how the player can tackle each mission that makes it memorable.
Every playstyle that suits you works but will drastically change your experience. While non-stealth approaches make the game very easy and short, stealth is the big emphasis in Dishonored and granted different ways to sneak through the missions with lethal, non-letal and more takedowns.
Furthermore the artstyle of Dishonored is another big plus due to its steam-punk-esque mix of the Victorian era and modern/futuristic gadgets (although some design choices are clearly inspired by other big games).
In the end, Dishonored is a game that you have to try out. Depending on HOW you play it, the player decides how much fun he allows the game to be. With its big emphasis on choices rather than inventing brand new game mechanics, Dishonored is a good and entertaining stealth game although being held back by obvious imbalance issues and a maybe too simple story.    

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Solid Rental

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