God of War: Ascension - Recap Review

What's good

- Top-notch visuals
- Epic scale battles
- Well executed theme of illusions
- Great soundtrack as always

What's bad

- The story adds nothing important to expand the main trilogy
- General lack of innovation and ideas
- Some technical issues/bugs
- Frustrating platforming controls
- Occasionally epic scale overkills, where you cannot see what you're doing
- The level "Trial of Archimedes" is out of nowhere way too difficult 
- Interesting, yet ultimately unnecessary multiplayer 


- God of War multiplayer...who asked for this?!

The Verdict

God of War is a very simple franchise. The basic, brutal gameplay was always the icing on this game series, which mostly benefited from its large scale, awesome art design and most importantly its epic story. But with GoW3, Kratos' story has found a conclusive end. There's absolutely nothing to wiggle around this set-in-stone ending.
God of War: Ascension turns out to be an uninspired cash-in. Although its story has about the same amount of depth or importance as the ones of the spin-off PSP GoW games, one cannot shake off the feel that the series has run out of steam. With nothing important to add to Kratos' overall character or story, Ascension degenerates into a series of epic scale battles without any serious context for the player to care about.
Additionally, technical issues and some obvious epic scale overkills further hamper the fun.
The GoW-multiplayer "experiment" doesn't help this uninspired game one single bit.
God of War: Ascension is not a bad game, but a surprisingly weak and soulless main entry in a franchise that we are used much greater games from.            

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Disappointing!

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