Tomb Raider - Recap Review

What's good

- A much needed reboot/re-imagining that actually works
- A new Lara Croft for a new generation (that appeals to old and new fans)
- Greatly executed theme of survival
- Tons of exciting, cinematic set pieces
- Beautiful graphics and environments
- Great overall gameplay that seemlessly mixes, combat, puzzles and platforming 
- Open world feel (yet very limited)
- (Many collectibles, if you are into that)

What's bad

- Weak storyline (despite a great atmosphere)
- Lara's character development often doesn't blend together with the brutal gameplay 
- Stereotypical, forgettable side-characters
- Very small weapon variety
- Actually not that many tombs
- Unnecessary, tacked-on multiplayer 


- The surprisingly gruesome death animations of Lara.

The Verdict

Crystal Dynamics did a great job rebooting the Tomb Raider franchise and giving it a fresh new update to make it matter again. The new young Lara Croft serves as a far more relatable and most importantly real character, that both old and new fans should enjoy.
Yet still, although this new Tomb Raider also blends puzzles, platforming and combat together, it is far more oriented on games like Uncharted in its overall gameplay, rather than the climbing-puzzle-focused older Tomb Raider games.
With that said, despite the fact that the new Tomb Raider style oozes survival-adventure and action, aspects like the open world gaming, the story and the actual tomb raiding have to be refined in further sequels.
But as of now, Lara Croft did an awesome comeback with a great game that promises more exciting adventures with this new Lara Croft in future Tomb Raider games.       

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10
Status: Great!

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