Borderlands 2 - Recap Review

What's good

- Unique design of Pandora and its characters
- Beautiful use of cellshading graphics
- Solid to excellent voice acting
- Great sense of humor
- Ridiculously giant amount of items, weapons, etc.
- Constant feel of improving your character  
- Tons of optional missions
- Good enemy variety
- Fantastic soundtrack that always nails the atmosphere 
- Well designed co-op feature 

What's bad

- Weak story
- Fun but ultimately pretty bland characters
- Some extremely frustrating gameplay sections (because they often expect you to have a higher level)
- --> therefore, doing optional missions more or less becomes necessary and not optional
- Checkpoints are often too far apart
- Using the menu to swap between weapons can get annoying 
- Audio logs can interrupt each other and cannot be listened to again 


- Some bandits quoting Hamlet in mid-battle!

The Verdict

If you like looting and leveling up, this game is for you. Borderlands 2 is almost completely focused on constantly improving your character with countless weapons, items and more. The selection of all the different weapons etc. is so gigantic that it easily can get overwhelming for gamers not used to RPGs. This game isn't called "Diablo with guns" for nothing. Yet still, the game can get extremely frustrating when the player faces story missions that often prove to be too hard for the player's current level. This makes accomplishing optional missions to level up for story missions essential.
However, considering that there are literally tons of optional missions to choose from, leveling up beside the main story and being able to return to each begun mission at any time makes leveling up very satisfying and flexible.
The real problem of Borderlands 2 is that the game is focused too much on its strong RPG-gameplay, which easily outshines the game's fairly weak story and its bland characters (despite awesome voice acting and designs). However, Borderlands 2 is a fairly accessible game that most likely also non-RPG-fans can enjoy but should try out first.

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Great for Fans!

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