Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Recap Review

What's good

- Blade mode and the Zan-Datsu mechanic are extremely satisfying and fun
- Well made use of precise cutting in fights and boss battles
- Good sense of humor
- Surprisingly deep social commentary and moral questions
- Incorporates the storylines of other Metal Gear Solid games
- Awesome soundtrack (except when the singing starts)
- Tons of upgrades and collectables ensure replayability

What's bad

- Fairly short main story (5-6 hours)
- Frustrating camera issues 
- No dodge button (the game forces you to do a parry move) 
- Stealth mechanics feel unnecessary and tacked on
- Monotone, lackluster level design and environments
- Raiden's weird character development
- Comedic moments and serious themes often don't blend together well  


- All the crazy shit that happens during the final boss battle

The Verdict

MGR: Revengeance lives and breathes through its core gameplay mechanic: Blade Mode (and being able to cut nearly everything). 
Platinum Games did a great job in evolving Kojima's original idea into an actual game. Unfortunately, it is very obvious that the game relies a bit too much on it. While it is undoubtedly very fun to precisely slice everything you want into pieces, other aspects of the game feel pretty weak in comparison. 
Despite tackling some surprisingly serious themes, the short 5-6 hour main story still feels pretty flat and basic overall. Tacked on stealth sections and uninspired level designs furthermore show that everything has been primarily built around the Blade Mode.
But with the only real downside of the gameplay being a bad camera and the lack of a dodge button, Metal Gear Rising's innovative gameplay mechanics are for the most part a great success. They show that there still can be new ideas to enhance the hack n' slash genre and make it fresh again.
Here's hoping that in a potential sequel Platinum Games furthermore not only improves the gameplay but also pays attention to not leave the story and level design behind in the process.
Until then, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance proves that is has great potential that has yet to be completely unfolded. It is bare minimum a very solid rental and a must-buy if you dig the demo. 

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Try it out

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