Sleeping Dogs - Recap Review

What's good

- Impressive recreation of a vivid Hong Kong environment
- Average to good main story (despite being very predictable)
- Big emphasis on action
- Inclusion of many different gaming mechanics
- Chase sequences
- Upgrading your character's abilities (even through collectables)

What's bad

- Lack of necessary polish
- Sometimes clunky controls 
- Fighting mechanics are quite a bit too basic
- Many ideas for other gaming mechanics feel undercooked
- Police forces are incredibly underpowered and are never a problem
- Triad and Cop reputation levels ultimately don't matter
- Investing time in love interests and dating missions is pointless
- The story is often clumsily told and includes some weird, goofy missions  


- Beating up peaceful monks for some stupid flowers and Wei's MacGyver cellphone

The Verdict

Considering that Sleeping Dogs began as True Crime: Hong Kong and went through a lot of development problems, it is impressive how it ended up as such a solid game. In a gaming-genre, where every new game is being compared to GTA, Sleeping Dongs holds up fairly well.
Especially the inclusion of many different gameplay mechanics, like fighting, gunplay (with slo-mo) and plenty of chase sequences, represents Sleeping Dogs biggest strength.
However, expectedly for such a big amount of so many different gameplay aspects, it is no wonder that many of them feel somewhat undercooked and very basic.
It all boils down to Sleeping Dogs being a solid game that just ultimately lacks the necessary polish that the GTA franchise was always known for.
With that said, Sleeping Dogs is nevertheless a very fun, action oriented Hong Kong open-world experience, that despite its many shortcomings deserves its attention from gamers.  

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Hidden Gem

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