Resident Evil: Revelations HD - Recap Review

What's good

- Very simple, yet entertaining story
- Mix of old and new Resident Evil gameplay
- Good, claustrophobic, old-school horror atmosphere
- Fairly scarce ammo --> better survival horror feel
- Welcome new scanning mechanic 
- Raid Mode is a fun new addition

What's bad

- Short campaign (5-6 hours)
- Story doesn't contribute anything major to the RE universe
- Fares better as a handheld experience
- Some muddy textures
- Many obvious padding sections
- Excessive backtracking
- Puzzles are way too easy
- Occasionally weird A.I.    


- The episodic TV-series-style narration: "Previously on Resident Evil: Revelations..."

The Verdict

RE: Revelations is not really the highly awaited, great, back-to-the-roots Resident Evil game that many gamers make it out to be. It's not exactly better than the newer RE games rather than just "different". It presents itself more in the form of a hybrid mixing the gameplay of RE5 with the claustrophobic level designs and atmosphere of RE1.
However, considering that Revelations started as a Nintendo 3DS game, not surprisingly, the HD console version turns out to feel pretty thin for an actual full blown console release. 
Especially the short campaign, some muddy textures and generally many padding sections are constant reminders of the game's handheld roots.
With that said, Revelations is a fantastic handheld game and an okay to good console game. Despite the fact that it often feels like a Resident Evil spin-off rather than a fully fleshed out RE game, it is still one of the better games in the franchise. 
While the console version is a solid short-lived experience and therefore a great rental, the handheld version easily is a must-own. Resident Evil fans however should definitely check it out either way.   

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10
Status: Solid Rental (console) / Great for Fans (handheld)

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