Xbox One Reveal - A Complete Fail

Today, Microsoft announced their new console: the Xbox One.

And oh boy was it a conference. It was by far one of the weakest and most ill-oriented reveal shows i have ever seen. Since i already wrote an article for my partner site , i will rather post Angry Joe's Vlog regarding the epic fail of the Xbox One. It sums up once again PERFECTLY what went wrong with Microsoft 
and the Xbox One console itself.

You can check out my German article for my partner site here.
But i also highly encourage you to watch Joe's opinion and support him:

Also be sure to check out GT's Kyle Bosman giving his opinion on the whole affair.
Click here.


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  2. Thank you ^^ I also tried Wordpress but there were some aspects that i didn't quite like about the editor and which seemed needlessly complicated. I personally found Blogspot to be the most efficient and flexible for me to use. I wish you good luck with your blog!