Deadpool - Recap Review

What's good

- Great presentation
- Absolutely nails the awesome, crude humor of Deadpool
- Stays true to the comics and itself
- Basically no fourth-wall
- Consistently funny, ludicrous story
- Perfect voice acting performance by Nolan North

What's bad

- Extremely generic action game mechanics
- Very repetitive and tedious gameplay
- Too easy until difficulty spike ending
- Dull level design
- Occasionally frustrating controls
- Some questionable button layout
- Completely unnecessary stealth sections
- Dumb enemies and bosses
- Fairly short campaign
- Little to no replay value (not even collectibles)


- There are way too many in the entire game than to name just one.

The Verdict

Deadpool is a one of a kind superhero/villain, whose own video game was long overdue. 
High Moon Studios did a flawless job adapting Deadpool's iconic persona into his video game, which is vividly brought to life by Nolan North's great voice acting. 
Along with it, a crazy fourth-wall-destroying, crazy storyline, which is consequently funny from start to finish, turns out to be the game's biggest strength next to Deadpool himself.
Sadly, the game's bare-bones game mechanics, very monotone gameplay, dumb enemy A.I., some questionable control schemes and numerous other unconvincing aspects, rob the game any real replay value and don't make their title hero any justice. 
Still, the awesome humor and personality of the game alone make it worth a playthrough. Especially Deadpool fans owe it to themselves to play it, while interested gamers should consider trying it out.    

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

Status: Okay Rental

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