EA E3 Press Conference 2013 - Bullet Review

Legend: Green = Good / Yellow = Neutral / Red = Bad

Starting Light: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

- Great style that mocks big FPS franchises like COD and BF
- Instead of a strategy-style game, it's a third-person-shooter
- Too long boring showcase

The Rejects Return: Titanfall

- (For Titanfall impressions --> check out Microsoft's Conference Review)

- Behind the scenes of Titanfall trailer
- No additional gameplay shown

A New Hope: Star Wars: Battlefront

- Star Wars: Battlefront III arises from the ashes
- Only a short announcement trailer shown
- No gameplay shown?
- Why isn't it called "Battlefront III"?

Gotta Go Fast: Need for Speed: Rivals

- Looks expectedly great
- Runs very smoothly
- Looks more like a sequel/remake of Hot Pursuit
- Nothing in particular to make it stand out among other NFS games
- Good opportunity to promote the NFS movie with Aaron Paul
- NFS movie looks nice so far

Can I Haz Dragunz?: Dragon Age: Inquisition

-Dragon Age: Inquisition announced via short CG trailer
- ...Why isn't it called "Dragon Age III"?

A Whole Lotta Catchin' Ball: EA Sports

- Next-Gen Engine: Ignite
- NBA Live 14, Fifa 14, UFC 14, etc.
- A whole lot of professional sports players and fighters promoting games
- Embarassing announcer for UFC 14
- Except graphics, barely any noticable improvements
- Promising MMAI opponent A.I. not showcased
- Too much time spend on talking about EA Sports 

Taking the FPS Crown: Battlefield 4

- New Commander Mode for BF4 multiplayer
- Live 64 player multiplayer demo (running on PCs)
- Once again, fantastic graphics
- Improved destructable environments
- Extremely impressive, well choreographed multiplayer showcase

Where Did You Come From?: Mirror's Edge 2

- Despite all the doubts: Mirror's Edge 2 officially announced
- Was there any real demand for this?
- Weak ending: EA should've ended the conference with Battlefront


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