Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference - Bullet Review

Legend: Green = Good / Yellow = Neutral / Red = Bad

The Opening: Metal Gear Solid V

- Actual Metal Gear Solid V gameplay shown
- Open world stealth gameplay with great new mechanics
- Amazing next-gen graphics (especially character models)
- Nice mix of cinematic trailer and gameplay footage

Not Forgotten: Xbox 360 Lineup

- Another new Xbox 360 slim this necessary?
- Two free games for Xbox Live gold members per month
- Mostly old games that you probably already own
- An Xbox 360 port of World of Tanks
- Showreel of upcoming Xbox 360 titles was too short
- Max curse of the brotherhood looks decent. Probably good for kids
- Dark Souls 2 looks good but a bit too hack n slashy and with weird trailer music 

Copying God of War: Ryse

- New Xbox One exclusive franchise
- Impressive graphics (CryEngine3)
- Large scale
- Excessive overuse of Quick-Time-Events
- Clunky and boring looking gameplay

The Wait is Over: Killer Instinct

- Xbox One exclusive
- A new Killer Instinct game!
- Gameplay looks fast and great
- Not enough in depth gameplay shown
- Gameplay demo: Skilled dude playing against a woman who can't even block
- Why call it "Killer Instinct" instead of "Killer Instinct 3"?

What is this?: Sunset Overdrive

- Xbox One exclusive
- Yet again a comicy looking Insomniac game
- Mix of Team Forttress, Mirrors Edge and Bulletstorm gameplay
- Obviously undefined target audience

 Love for the Details: Forza 5

- Xbox Exclusive
- Showing off an actual McLaren P1 sportscar on stage (...ok?)
- Amazing graphics
- Very authentic looking driving gameplay
- Weird showcase of A.I. that doesn't feel like A.I.
- Hard to compare to other racing games because they are all almost at the same level of quality

Actual Potential: Quantum Break

- Awesome graphics (if this really was in-game footage)
- Time-freezing mechanic offers loads of possibilites
- Supposed gameplay was basically just a cutscene 
- Way not enough gameplay shown 

Wasting Precious Time: Project Spark

- Kinect, smart-glass and voice controlled
- Little Big Planet rip-off
- Unmemorable design/graphics
- Boring looking gameplay
- Feature that all have been done before
- Too much time spend on the gameplay showcase 

 The Details: More Xbox One Features

- Heavy focus on smart-glass (using your tablet as an Xbox remote/controller)
- Smart-glass basically mimics the Wii U gamepad
- Who wants to use his tablet PC while playing with their console?
- Overly cloud/internet reliant features (basically the entire Xbox One is internet reliant)
- Instant Video Sharing
- Stream games live via Twitch
- Moving from Microsoft Points to real money
- Offline multiplayer feature ( mean split-screen?)
-  Absolutely no mention of the Xbox One's DRM restriction system!

 Technical Stupidity: Crimson Dragon

- Technical problems: A trailer without any sound!
- Hard to judge the gameplay because of the technical issues
- Looks pretty generic 

 Zombies...again: Dead Rising 3

- Long gameplay showcase
- Big open world
- Takes a more serious tone (Walking Dead influenced?)
- As good as no gameplay improvements shown
- Looks good but like it's still possible on current-gen

 Greetings from Poland: The Witcher 3

- Looks amazing and worth of the title "next-gen"
- Great trailer
- Multi region open world
- Exciting and very dynamic looking gameplay

Replacing COD: Battlefield 4

- Obvious replacement for Call of Duty demo
- Embarassing technical issues continue: No sound in the gameplay (at first)
- Hilarious audience reactions
- Amazing next-gen graphics (easily one of the best looking games to date)
- Runs at 60FPS on consoles (Xbox One)
- Campaign is still very reliant on spectacle 

 Trailers That Say Nothing: Black Tusk Studios and D4

- Very short trailer that tells us as good as nothing about the game
- Announcement of Black Tusk Studios exclusive with a trailer that shows as good as nothing

 The Usual Suspects: Halo 5

- A new Halo game coming in 2014
- Why do they just call it "Halo" and not just "Halo 5"?

 The Cold Hard Facts: Xbox One Launch

- Xbox One console launches in November 2013
- 499$/499€ for a game console that already has a huge backlash and loads of restrictions!!!

Infinity Ward Rejects: Titanfall

- Only on Xbox and PC
- Looks generic and quite a bit dated (looks like its a current gen game)
- Big emphasis on multiplayer
- Mix of Halo and Call of Duty
- Flexible transition between on-foot gunplay and vehicular warfare (mech-suits)
- Nice selection of mechanics of how to battle mechs and use them
- Fairly weak note to end the conference on 


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