Sony E3 2013 Press Conference - Bullet Review

Legend: Green = Good / Yellow = Neutral / Red = Bad

The Small One: PS Vita lineup

- Promised support of big and small developers for the Vita
- Many new games for the Vita announced: God of War 1+2 HD, Final Fantasy X + X2, Flower, Deadnation, etc.
- New Walking Dead episode and entire first season on Vita

The Old One: PS3 lineup

- Solid Last of Us Trailer to hype people for the upcoming release
- Puppeteer trailer
- Rain trailer
- Strong Beyond: Two Souls trailer, that shows entirely new army segments of the game
- Gran Turismo 6 gameplay trailer
- Praising Naughty Dog for their outstanding work in video game development
- Badass Batman: Arkham Origins trailer
- GTA V PS3 bundle announced
- Many exclusive content announced, which they actually tell you what it is

The Reveal: The PS4 Revealed

- Sleak, interesting and slim hardware design

Talking about the Movies: Sony Pictures

- Fitting amount of time spent talking about the entertainment aspects
- Sony Pictures develops a specific movie/music program for PS4 designed for gamers
- Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited lets you rent or buy music and movies
- Strong support from services like Netflix, Flixster, Redbox, and many more

The New One: PS4 lineup

- Over 30 exclusive titles to release in the first year of PS4 with many new IPs
- Exclusive: Sony Santa Monica's new game: The Order
- CG Trailer without gameplay shown
- Short Killzone: Shadowfall trailer
- Short Driveclub trailer
- Good Infamous: Second Son trailer that shows more about the characters and the first gameplay
- Short Knack trailer

Is this a Dream?: The Dark Sorcerer

- Quantic Dream reveals footage of The Dark Sorcerer
- CG Animated movie level graphics
- Incredible facial animations
- Very fun footage

For the Underdogs: Sony's Indie Support

- Sony shows tremendously big support for various Indie developers
- Supergiant Games: Transistor
- Clay Entertainment: Don't Starve
- Octo Dad
- Red Barrel: Outlast looks great so far for a horror game
- Oddworld is back with Oddworld: Inhabitants
- Full remake of the original Oddworld in development
- 17 Bit Games: Galak-Z

Back in the Game: Square Enix and Final Fantasy

- Reveal of epic Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer with gameplay footage
- Twist: FF Versus XIII expanded into Final Fantasy XV
- Additional Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement trailer

Sail Away, Sail Away,...: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 

- AC4 gameplay demo shown
- Beautiful visual
- Great recreation of pirate life feel/atmosphere
- Exactly the same gameplay as AC3
- No new mechanics or improvements shown
- Technical issues ruin the end of the demo
- Why wasn't one part shown at Ubisoft's conference and the other at Sony's?

Who Let the Dogs Out?: Watch Dogs

- Watch Dogs gameplay demo shown
- Looks great
- Interesting, (mostly) non-lethal gameplay
- Gameplay feels very formulaic at times
- Exclusive PS4 content: new outifts and 1 additional hour of exclusive gameplay
- Why wasn't one part shown at Ubisoft's conference and the other at Sony's?

Not That Good: NBA 2K14

- Lebron talking to his CG version
- Facial animations on CG Lebron look creepily unfinished and unconvincing
- That freaky mouth animation
- NBA 2K14 trailer

Take a Trip With Your Friends: The Elder Scrolls Online

- The Elder Scrolls Online trailer
- Exploring the world of Elder Scrolls with your friends
- Looks less polished and less fun than the actual Elder Scrolls games
- Beta exclusively available on PS4 

No Man's Land: Mad Max

- WB Entertainment Studios: Mad Max game announcement trailer
- No additional gameplay shown  

The Big Bang: PS4 Details

- 140 PS4 games currently in development
- PS4 supports used games
- PS4 doesn't require an online connection
- PS4 doesn't require online authentification/check-in
- PS4 is region-free
- Sony mocking Microsoft subtely
- PSN membership will completely carry over to PS4
- PSN Plus is necessary to play online games, but offers at least 1 free game per month
- Replaceable/upgradable hard drive
- Launch price: 399$/399€ 
- Sony: "Consumer trust and ownership is central to everything we do. We want to earn that trust."
- Sony completely avoiding DRM bullshit
- Gaikai game streaming service will launch in 2014
- The audience going nuts 

Destiny Awaits: Destiny

- Gameplay demo shown
- Beautiful graphics
- Amazing lighting effects in particular
- Play it solo or co-op with your friends and explore the world
- Great atmosphere
- Feels like a mix of Mass Effect, Halo and Borderlands
- Developers having fun playing their own game
- Ends with a trailer to give some small insight into the story   


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