Ubisoft E3 Press Conference 2013 - Bullet Review

Legend: Green = Good / Yellow = Neutral / Red = Bad

Guitar Hero Postmortem: Rocksmith 2014

- Jerry Cantrell's overall performance (although unnecessary)
- Better than Guitar Hero, but not by a whole lot
- Guitar Hero died. Rocksmith will (and should) die too
- If you want to learn guitar then buy an actual guitar an learn it!

The Snake Rival: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

- Okay trailer showing Spies vs Mercs as well as campaign segments
- No additional gameplay shown

Jump n Run Revived: Rayman Legends

- Solid trailer
- Great visuals and beautiful cartoon style

Adults or Kids?: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

- Undefined target audience
- Poorly presented gameplay mechanics
- Forced, weird sense of humor (partly adult, partly childish)
- Nothing makes it stand out at all

A New Publisher Found: South Park: The Stick of Truth

- Found a new publisher instead of being cancelled
- Captures the humor of the show
- Looks exactly like the TV show
- No additional gameplay shown

Some New Ideas: The Crew

- Slick, creative trailer
- Strategic, team-oriented (heist) driving game
- Big open world
- Competitive gameplay against rivaling groups (solo-play also possible)
- Looks good but not necesserily next-gen
- Very detailed customization of the cars
- Various mission types

- Supports tablet pc for in-game use

No New Tricks?: Watch Dogs

- CG Trailer shown, that has been online for hours before the show
- No additional gameplay shown

Game TV Fusion: Rabbids Invasion

- Rabbids TV Show for Nickelodeon with potential
- Strange feature that allows interactive playing during the TV show

Feed 'em to the Sharks: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 

- Forgettable CG trailer shown
- Host promises to show how the mechanics and game works, but instead shows another trailer
- No additional gameplay shown 

Rainbow Six? Is that you?: Tom Clancy's The Division

- Thought provoking but somwhat unnecessary trailer
- Ubisoft's first MMO game
- Impressive next-gen graphics, that look incredibly real
- Interesting (non-zombie) economic post-apocalyptic setting
- Plays just like Ghost Recon or any other third-person-shooter
- Supposedly large open world
- Good way to close the conference


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