DuckTales: Remastered - Recap Review

What's good

- Very faithful recreation of the NES original
- Great graphic design
- Well built story around the original levels
- Simple, yet appealing control mechanics
- Some nice new feature additions
- Awesome soundtrack

What's bad

- Pretty short (3-4 hours max)
- Fairly easy
- Frequent cutscenes can get annoying
- Little replay value


- Ice hockey players inside the Himalayas?

The Verdict

DuckTales Remastered does the NES original justice in possibly every conceivable way. Along with an impressively faithful 1:1 recreation of the original levels, the game also adds some new features and mechanics that help the gameplay and especially the boss battles feel more fleshed out. Additionally, despite a slight overuse of cutscenes, a well told story has been built around the original levels giving better context and narration to what you actually do and why.
Still, measured to today's gaming standards, the game often feels way too easy making the already short game incredibly easy to breeze through in about 3 hours. Nevertheless, the game doesn't try to break new ground but to awoke nostalgia towards the early days of video gaming...and that with style.
Considering, its length and little replay value, DuckTales is a bit hard to recommend right now for its current price (15$). When the price drops however, every fan of the original and every DuckTales fan in general owes it to himself to play this uplifting great piece of nostalgia at least for one breeze-through. 

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Great Time Killer

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