Lost Planet 3 - Recap Review

What's good

- Has basically nothing to do with the previous games
- Good atmosphere
- Surprisingly well written and belivable dialogue (especially the family conversations)
- Very charismatic protagonist, who looks and sounds like Nic Cage (double win!)
- Great soundtrack

What's bad

- Very generic shooting and QTE focused gameplay
- Gameplay gets monotone and boring very fast
- Copies a lot of ideas from other games, which result in an identity crisis
- Pretty much all boss battles work after the same formula
- Clumsy mech vs. alien battles
- Fairly predictable story


- Having cover based shootouts with basically unarmed aliens.

The Verdict

What was there first? The chicken or the egg? Who did rip off who first? Dead Space 3 Lost Planet or Lost Planet 3 Dead Space 3?
However, Lost Planet 3 is a game, that wants to be several things at once but doesn't manage to be any of those in a great way. It is very obvious that Lost Planet 3 suffers from a big identity crisis. Whereas most of the time it tries to force a horror atmosphere, it gets just as easily diminished by extremely dragging and generic action shooting sections. Those pretty much fill the entirety of the game's "substance" aside from multiple quick time events. Lost Planet 3 is a whole bunch of been-there-done-that material, which will immediately trigger multiple flashbacks of other superior games.
Good aspects though, are the surprisingly outstanding acting performances and believable characters. The blend of the engineer/trucker-esque lifestyle with an alien atmosphere is astoundingly well pulled off, along with credible everyday conversations between Jim and his wife.
While the game's general presentation is the main star here, the gameplay on the other hand really is the main problem, which drags it down a whole lot.
Lost Planet 3 is without a doubt a huge step up from the silly story and frustatingly stupid gameplay of its predecessors but sadly the game just has not enough own ideas that make it stand out among the rest of generic third-person-shooters. The presentation makes it barely an okay experience, but other than that, there's nothing here to make it truely recommendable. 

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

Status: Barely Okay

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