Red 2 - Recap Review

What's good

- Far better utilization of great actors than in the first Red
- Thanks to some great actor chemistry, the comedy also is a good notch better
- Willis vs. Lee and Parker vs. Zeta-Jones are constantly fun to watch
- The entire cast is obviously having fun doing the movie
- More and better choreographed action scenes (mostly thanks to Lee)
- Story with much more momentum and dynamic

What's bad

- Get's the story going a bit too quickly for people who didn't see the first Red
- Occasionally, pretty unconvincing and forced character motivations and actions
- Action scenes are good but a bit standard  


- "Don't look the frog directly in the eyes."

The Verdict

If you liked the first Red movie from 2010, then you will very likely find much to enjoy in Red 2. Not only does it make much better use of its talented cast, both in acting and comedy, but furthermore, additions like the Korean super-assassin played by Byung-Hun Lee make for a great additional threat in a story with much more momentum and dynamic than in the first Red.
It's very obvious that the whole cast just enjoys doing this movie and has fun with it. With that said, Red 2 might still be a very lighthearted movie that's not necessarily to be looked at in a very comparative view. It's story, acting or even the fun action scenes might not earn it any awards, but it's undoubtedly a very pleasantly entertaining movie that focuses on plain simple fun, even if it easily might be too simple for some.     

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

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