Splinter Cell: Blacklist - Recap Review

What's good

Slick overall presentation
- Inclusion of multiple-choice features
- Greatly improved and enhanced customization
- Loads of optional missions
- Very challenging but rewarding higher difficulties
- New coop feature
- Spies vs. Mercs is back

What's bad

- Fairly weak story
- Sam's new voice and younger look make him feel like a different person
- Very unsympathetic depiction of Sam's character
- The game often forces you to play offensively
- Many choices ultimately don't matter and lead to the same outcome


- Sam somehow pulls a Benjamin Button and looks and sounds way younger than before.

The Verdict

After the mislead attempt on a far more action oriented approach in Splinter Cell: Conviction, Sam's newest adventure Blacklist is a welcome change back to Splinter Cell's original form.
While the action influence of Conviction is occasionally still very obvious in Blacklist, the sheer amount of options and decisions now given to the player more than make up for it.

With a big amount of optional coop/solo missions, an impressively enhanced customization feature and Spies vs. Mercs making its long awaited return, Blacklist gameplaywise is without a doubt one of the best and biggest Splinter Cells yet. Only the pretty weak story, some ultimately needless decisions and the fact that Sam now feels like a different, unsympathetic character stick out negatively. Yet, those are aspects, which could very easily be rectified in a sequel.
Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the most pleasant surprise gaming has brought to me thus far in 2013. It shows that Splinter Cell obviously is back on a good track again. 

Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Great

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