Trance - Recap Review

What's good

- Intriguing premise
- Consequently trippy and great overall style
- The cast does a very good job. Especially James McAvoy shines here.
- The story incorporates various themes cleverly into the storyline.
- Some nice twists and turns make the ending stand out.

What's bad

- Fairly simple storyline once it unfolds.
- Quite a bit too thinly written for a Danny Boyle movie.
- Some pretty dry parts in the middle-act of the movie.
- A couple of far fetched mind-journey/hypnosis ideas.
- (After an exhilirating start the movie too quickly gets very quiet.) 


- Rosario Dawson offering some obvious eh...well....insights.

The Verdict

Trance starts out as a very stylish movie with a great premise that combines trippy mindtrips with an entertaining crime story. Danny Boyle tells a story about crime, greed and guilt. It's very interesting how all those themes come together in the finale. Yet still, Trance turns out to be a fairly thinly written effort from a director of Boyle's kind. Aside from some very dry scenes in the middle of the movie which unnecessarily make the movie feel very dragging, Trance boasts a sort of weird claustrophobia in which the audience feels just as trapped as McAvoy throughout the movie.
Ultimately it remains a movie that's pretty easy to dislike as it is to like. If the premise creates any interest for you, you should definitely consider giving it a watch.     

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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