Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - Recap Review

What's good

- Solid story
- Unsettling atmosphere and tone
- Great sound design
(- Unlimited lamp oil. Otherwise you would run around in the dark for most of the game.)

What's bad

- Short (about 5 hours)
- Disappointing monster design
- Predictable scares
- Rarely any real threat or danger
- Puzzles are too easy and straightforward
- No sanity meter
- No inventory system (It would've made puzzles more interesting.)


- Dentist lamp ignites thermite putty.

The Verdict

Although delivering a similarly great, unsettling and dark atmosphere just like its predecessor, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs makes a few changes from the original gameplay mechanics, that backfire quite a bit. By removing the sanity meter, the inventory and limited lamp oil, developer Chinese Room made changes, that are obviously headed towards a more maintstream-tailored approach but heavily diminish the scary and frantic nature of the original's successful gameplay in the process.
This gets further underlined by the game's very straightforward and easy puzzles, which in the end come off as simple "put-together" and "push button" objectives, rather than actual puzzles.
However, boasting a fairly solid story, Machine for Pigs' offers a good driving force behind Oswald Mandus' suspensful quest to find his children in the misty streets and underground of 1899's London. The scary atmosphere is pretty consistent for most of the game but sadly drops fast, when realizing, that the actual threat of death by monsters is only rarely given. With that said, seeing a shadowy figure repeteadly disappear around a corner gets old really fast and makes the highly anticipated scares of this sequel very predictable.
Fans will definitely find appeal in revisiting Amnesia's scary and mysterious atmosphere in a new storyline. Still, despite making elementary changes to the gameplay in order to appeal to the mainstream, the game sadly loses a lot of its characterstic edge the franchise is known for. This makes Machine for Pigs overall a disappointing sequel to the highly successful original. While fans of the franchise should definitely check it out for an entertaining (albeit short) trip, newcomers to the franchise should without a doubt stick to the first game of the series.

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10

Status: Solid for Fans

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