Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures - Recap Review

What's good

- Very challenging
- Filled with references to AVGN episodes and other game culture personalities
- Great bit-music soundtrack
- Switching between different characters
- Fun power-ups
What's bad

- Mostly unfair trial-and-error level designs
- Level designs are very similar (same hazards just with different sprites)
- Some cameos of famous gaming-personalities don't fit into an AVGN game
- Dumb keyboard-controls-layout, which can't be changed 
- More or less forces you to use a controller


- I like Egoraptor and Angry Joe, but why the hell do they have cameos in this game?!

The Verdict

AVGN Adventures is a game, that is primarily targeted towards fans of the show. Filled with numerous references to AVGN episodes, it is highly recommended to have knowledge about them to be able to enjoy the game's specific humor.
Aside from tribute-content, AVGN Adventures is very challenging for better and for worse. On one hand, the game's challenging nature tries to make most out of the given 9 levels and follows the roots of other famously challenging indie titles. On the other hand, the game's difficulty is caused through a lot of unfair reasons like stupidly layed out keyboard-controls and most notably the general trial-and-error level designs. Unfortunately, those lead to many cheap deaths, making memorizing certain patterns more important than actual gameplay skills.
Aside from the level designs, the gameplay itself is very well executed with different, unique and fun power-ups, selectable characters and basic but good jump-n-run shooting. Also, its all accompanied by a truely great, nostalgic soundtrack that fits the theme of each level very well.
Overall, aside from its strict focus on AVGN- and gaming culture lore, AVGN Adventures might be a fun game for fans, but not necessarily one, that should also be experienced by non-fans. It tries just too hard to force its challenging character to a point from which the game becomes frustrating and unfair.
AVGN Adventures is a nice tribute and good fan service, but in terms of challenging indie titles, there are other games, that hold up a whole lot better.  

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

Status: Good for Fans

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