Rayman Legends - Recap Review

What's good

- Beautifully crafted visuals
- Immensely creative level design
- Good and simple, reflex focussed controls
- Well balanced, challenging but fair difficulty
- Nice boss battles
- Awesome sense of cartoon humor
- Charming and very uplifting overall presentation
- Good amount of additional modes aside from the story levels
- Co-op feature
- Great soundtrack

What's bad

- Secret rooms are too easy to find
- No online co-op


- Evil Splinter Cell Frogs!

The Verdict

Ubisoft did a great job putting Rayman back on the map again with 2011's highly successful Rayman Origins. The sequel Rayman Legends completely does its origins justice *pun intended*.
With all the main key features of its predecessor still intact, Legends adds a huge amount of new mechanics, that make the usual 2D jump n' run genre incredibly fresh again.
In addition to its roughly 50 levels, Rayman Legends boasts several unique and addicting game modes aside from the main story, that will keep you coming back for more.
The very simple story understandably takes a backseat here to let the hugely charismatic feel, bright and gorgeous visuals and the very creative level designs take the stage.
Small nitpicks like the easily findable secret rooms and no online co-op feature are easily forgotten in this marvel of great oldschool jump n' run game making.
Rayman Legends is easily among the elite of modern 2D jump n' run games out there (even without being an indie game). 
Also, did i mention that it's one of the happiest games ever?

Final Verdict: 9 out of 10

Status: Amazing

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