Riddick - Recap Review

What's good

- Back to basics, grittier Riddick action and kills
- Well pulled off survival and stalking atmosphere
- Nice monster designs
- Connects well with Pitch Black as well as Chronicles of Riddick

What's bad

- Very simple, straightforward story
- Inconsistent CGI/green screen effects quality
- Often a bit too close to mimicing Pitch Black
- Abrupt Deus Ex Machina ending
(- Dumb movie title) 


- That very weird, forced chemistry between Riddick and Dahl (Katee Sackhoff)

The Verdict

After the very blockbuster-esque Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick (what a dumb movie title) is definitely a movie that goes back to the basics of the gritter survival plot of Pitch Black. With Riddick now being chased by bounty hunters on a hostile planet, things feel way more "realistic" now by excluding civilized alien lifeforms and cultures for most of the movie.
With that said, Riddick tries to find its place between Pitch Black and Chronicles and does a good job doing so. While it's still much more connected to Pitch Black, the movie often even feels a bit too similar to Riddick's first adventure.
Still, the stalker-prey and survival atmosphere in Riddick (especially during the first scenes) is impressively showcased and finds a good balance between Riddick being the prey or the hunter. 
All in all, Riddick is by far not a very inventive concept, nor is it a movie that is destined to convert non-fans of the franchise. With partially inconsistent effects and a fairly bare-bones story, you can definitely see that the movie had quite a small budget. But for what it's worth, Riddick does a good job in being just plain good badass-action fun. Nothing more, nothing less.          

Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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