Battlefield 4 - Recap Review

MP= Multiplayer       SP= Single-player

What's good

- Amazing graphics
- Stunningly detailed character models
- Great sound design
- MP: Overall very fun and intense multiplayer experience
- MP: Levolution
- MP: 60-player-battles finally on consoles (PS4, Xbox One)
- SP: More charismatic teammates

What's bad

- SP: Extremely mediocre campaign
- SP: Bad storytelling
(-SP: Very short)
- SP: Unreliable A.I. partners
- Occasionally buggy


- The campaign's sudden, anti-climactic ending.

The Verdict

Although many would still consider Battlefield 4 more of the same, there's no denying that Battlefield's successful formula still works.
With that said, once again, Battlefield 4 is a heavily multiplayer focused game, that primarily targets at its already established fanbase. And in that regard, it's a massively fun game. Simply judging by the sheer mayhem that's unleashed on large maps either on foot or by vehicles, Battlefield 4 is one of the best examples of great massive online FPS-multiplayers. 
Especially the fact that set-piece-like moments seem to happen constantly around you in epic 60-player-battles makes the multiplayer experience that more exciting and addicting.
While primarily there hasn't been a lot of change in terms of the game's core mechanics, this also wasn't really necessary. 
Yet, with the new Levolution feature maps can be dynamically changed through disastrous events that can be triggered by the players. This furthermore underlines how great and unique each match can feel, when maps suddenly change their landscape in mid-combat forcing you to adapt to the new situation.
Aside from a great multiplayer feature, Battlefield 4 sadly features an extremely mediocre campaign that's additionally dragged down by numerous war/action-movie clichees, a badly told story and very short length. Although the campaign still happens to be quite a step above Battlefield 3's single-player experience, there's still much to improve here, if DICE wants justify its sheer existence.
As of now, Battlefield 4 once again proves that the franchise would be better off without a single-player campaign.

Overall, despite its obvious multiplayer focus, the single-player campaign has to be counted into the game's final score as it is an essential part of the overall package that you pay for. 
Therefore, Battlefield's single-player campaign once again drags the score down quite a bit. Also it has to be mentioned that, while still fun, huge changes in the Battlefield formula are missing in Battlefield 4. Though this might legitimitally make some players feel like they are playing Battlefield 3.5, Battlefield 4 still manages to be a really fun multiplayer experience that has just been enhanced through better graphics and most importantly Levolution.
While fans probably already own it, interested players should definitely give the multiplayer a shot and avoid the lackluster campaign.     


Final Verdict: 8 out of 10

Status: Great for Fans

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