Escape Plan - Recap Review

What's good

- Arnie and Sly finally team up for a full-length movie
- Arnold steals the show and has obvious fun doing his performance
- Well layed out premise (for an action movie)
- Entertaining breakout plans
- Fun, cheesy acting for its own good 

What's bad

- Very predictable story
- Some obvious plot holes 
- Fairly slow pace
- Quite short on exciting action scenes
- The cheesy acting sometimes goes too far
- Boring villain


- 50 Cent plays a clever computer hacker.

The Verdict

It is truely great to see two of the most iconic action stars together at last in one full-length feature film (and not just a short cameo like in Expendables).
While the movie's premise does serve a capable and interesting plot for an action movie to work with, Escape Plan unfortunately has a fairly slow pace (like many other prison movies) with only very few big action sequences that put Schwarzenegger and Stallone to good use. Although the breakout plans and executions are quite entertaining, it still is a bit of a bummer that Sly and Arnie aren't given more bombastic action scenes in which they do what they do best - killing dudes.
The fact that their main antagonist (Jim Caviezel) happens to be a weird, stereotypical Bond-villain-wannabe doesn't help much either in that case.
However, it is very obvious that Arnie as well as Sly have a lot of fun doing this movie. They practically embrace the movie's cheesyness through their performances and have a good team-chemistry together on screen.
But overall, let's be honest, this isn't a groundbreaking movie and it never wanted to be one. 
The thing is that Escape Plan is a movie primarily made for fans of 80s/90s action movies much like Expendables. And although Escape Plan shows a lot of room for improvement, it happens to be pretty good fan service. It might be quite a forgettable experience compared to Sly's and Arnie's big roster of great action movies, but in it's own right, it is an "okay" to "good" action flick to enjoy for fans. 
Non-fans of the two main stars unfortunately will only find little to love here, i guess.


Final Verdict: 5 out of 10

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