Gravity - Recap Review

What's good

- Believable, great performance by Sandra Bullock
- Very well executed atmosphere of helplessness
- Exciting, intense, yet fairly simple plot
- Awesome first-person-view-shots and overall effects
(- Finally a non-boring astronaut flick)

What's bad

- Some emotional-moments (and character development) feels forced
- Thematical depth is a bit shallow in the end (and overrated by other critics)
- A bit too short


- George Clooney never losing his cool in near death situations.

The Verdict

Gravity is a movie that pretty much snuck up on everybody. With little to no hype, it surprised audiences and critics with a simple but immensely effective plot, that proves, that being an astronaut isn't that fun as everybody thought.
The beginning of the movie, which introduces all the deadly aspects about space and sums it up as "a place in which life is impossible", is a great dreadful theme that is constantly present in Bullock's struggle to stay alive and get back home.
Therefore, Gravity is sort of a Robinson Crusoe in space kind of movie. Bullock is the main show here an succeeds in giving a very believable performance making the audience root for her getting back to earth all the way through the movie.
Yet still, i felt like Gravity is generally overrated by the majority of the critics. While it's a great tenseful thriller, the movie has little else than the survival plot to give you. Sure, there is a good bunch of emotional scenes that showcase Bullock's desperation in better detail, but many of those scenes feel a bit tacked on somehow, making them often feel like the came out of nowhere or are only there because "Whoops! We have to shove in some character development! We almost forgot that!".
However, all in all Gravity is a breeze of fresh air regarding astronaut movies. Instead of an overly complicated earth-rescue-plot, the basic survival theme is very well executed and keeps the tension all the way through. Considering its flaws, Gravity might not be the best movie of this year but one of the most refreshing and atmospheric ones, that's well worth a watch.  

Final Verdict: 6 out of 10

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